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Boundaries are important for all aspects of life. We should have boundaries with our friends, family members, and especially our lovers. 

If you and your partner are having issues but you’re both unsure of why things are going south perhaps it has something to do with a lack of proper boundaries. Boundaries while something not everyone is going to respect should be present in our lives, and we should make sure they are enforced properly. These things protect you and your lover from a lot of pain and can help you promote a healthier connection. 

Below I am going to go over some different reasons why boundaries are so important and what makes them crucial when you’re trying to remain in a lasting relationship. Don’t let your partner think of you as an extension of his or herself, you are your own person whether you’re in a relationship or not.

6 Reasons Why You Need Boundaries In Your Relationships:

1. Boundaries ensure we get what we want out of our connections.

When we have proper boundaries set those who try to cross them show us exactly what we do not want in a connection. We learn quickly what we will and will not tolerate. This is just how things go.

2. Boundaries keep you from being taken advantage of.

When you have properly enforced boundaries no one can take advantage of you. Those with bad intentions are unable to get in and you’re able to protect yourself. This kind of thing is a huge win.

3. Boundaries shut down the idea of co-dependency.

Co-dependent relationships are damning for a number of reasons and can be quite overwhelming for those involved. Having proper boundaries can prevent this kind of thing from building within your connection. If you want to prevent that possessiveness this is a good means of working towards it.

4. Boundaries remind us that we’re not the same person as our partner.

Having boundaries with your partner will remind you of your individuality. It will help you to really be more explorative of yourself and free. While being in a relationship is great we still want to do our own thing, and we all have our differences. 

5. Boundaries allow you to process things on your own.

We as human beings need our time to our selves here and there which is perfectly fine. That being said, if you’re in a relationship with someone who refuses to respect your boundaries you will not be allowed that alone time. We all need time to process things in life and enforcing boundaries make sure that time is given.

6. Boundaries ensure you’re both getting what you need.

Instead of worrying so much about one another you’re taking care of yourselves. Sure, you might help each other out but you’re both clear about your needs and have boundaries set that ensure you’re both having your needs met. See how this could be a pretty important relationship aspect? No one falls through the cracks.