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On January 17, the moon will reach its peak as a full moon, under the sign of Cancer. While the full moon is always quite intense, the added energy of Cancer will only intensify things even more.

Cancer is a water sign, that is highly driven by emotion, and focused on home and family. During the full moon, it’s likely that we are all going to be pushed to reflect on our emotional sides, and what helps and hinders us from finding comfort and solace from within. Due to this, we may likely have some difficult past emotions re-emerge and resurface, pushing us to cope with them and release them.

Here is what this energy means for your sign.


Oftentimes, Aries, you try not to focus too much on your emotional side, and instead, you lean towards what motivates you. However, during this moon, you will feel all of those emotions you push to the backburner begin to re-emerge. Don’t force them down again, though, instead, allow them to flow and pass, otherwise, your much-needed release won’t come.


During the full moon, your mind is going to be pushed towards re-evaluating how you communicate, not only to others but also to yourself. Be sure to use words that help you towards your goals, by setting positive intentions with them.


You are going to have your home life on your mind during this time, and it’s a great time for you to get your ducks in a row, by clearing out some clutter and making your house cozy and welcoming. And if you are having any problems in your home, make sure to try to find a resolution to those conflicts.


As this full moon falls under your sign, it’s going to be your time to shine. During the full moon, you are going to be feeling a need to retreat and find solace from within. You may want to take a mental inventory of the emotions that are helping you, and the ones you hold back, that are therefore hindering you. Don’t be afraid to take some time in meditation.


The full moon is all about releasing and letting go, and during this moon, that’s exactly what is going to be on your mind, Leo. You’ve been holding back on healing from many difficult situations, and now is the time to finally sit down with yourself and allow yourself that much-needed healing.


Oh Virgo, you often get so hung up on your goals and ambitions, that you leave everyone else wondering about their part in your life. During this time, remember that allowing others to help you isn’t a sign of weakness, and sometimes, working with a team can truly be beneficial.


Under this full moon, you are going to have your career on your mind. If you’ve been stressing or working hard, to no avail, you may have some difficult feelings arise due to that. However, it’s important to take some time to make some important decisions, so you don’t end up stuck and stagnant.


The Cancer full moon will have you looking at the big picture. Don’t be afraid to embrace bigger goals, and to broaden your horizons in life. If you never push yourself past your comfort zone, you may miss out on really important opportunities for your life.


You have a tendency to repress and push down your emotions, which may help you in your daily life, but when it comes time for you to face them, it can be a lot to take in. Unfortunately, this moon is likely to cause pressure, which in turn, is going to force some of those emotions to come out. Be careful not to push them deeper, instead, take some alone time and allow them to flow, so you can release and move forward.


You are going to feel driven to get your ducks in a row, so to speak, so you may be wanting to organize, chart out your bills, and take a mental inventory of your life. While this is a noble task, it can lead to frustration if you overdo it.


The intensity of this full moon won’t be lost on you, and because of Cancer’s watery energy, you are going to feel a need to get creative and let out some of that watery energy. Take advantage of that, and allow your creative side to shine through!