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When we are dating someone the last thing we want to do is fuel a misunderstanding. That is why communication is so important.

If you want a relationship to work you both have to be on the same page. Neither one of you can be fueling the fires of conflict or misunderstandings because these things lead to relationship/emotional distance. When we allow these things to hold space in our lives we also allow them to push us away from our lover instead of towards one another.

Communicating when it comes to relationships is something we cannot do without if we want things to work. You can’t dive into a conversation with someone you love all the while expecting them to already have the details of something you’ve not yet told them. Assuming your partner already knows something is one of the worst things you can do, while you’re a couple you’re still two separate people and sometimes you won’t be on the same page to begin with.

If you’re not willing to talk and listen to one another properly, things will never work out in the ways that you hope they will. We all have our own views and thoughts so expressing those to the people who matter most in our lives is crucial. For instance, if you don’t like something your partner is doing but never stop to let them know, they won’t be aware. They can’t just read your mind. 

This could leave you feeling like your emotions in regards are being ignored even though you’ve not voiced them, to begin with. That drives a wedge between you and your lover that if left unchecked could lead to the two of you calling it quits somewhere down the line. There are tons of communication errors that can be made when it comes to dating and being aware of that is the first step towards properly talking things through with your lover.

If you and your partner have different processing styles, temperaments, and other things of the sort you both need to emphasize communication within your connection as a whole. Sure, sharing too much can be a bad thing as well but if you’re unable to go to your partner and sit down to talk through the problems you’re having you’re ruining things from the get-go. If you don’t learn to speak to one another properly trust won’t ever be possible either. 

Respecting one another enough to really work to make sure both of you are taken care of in this sense is going to help you two big time. Small misunderstandings can turn into huge things when left to brew by themselves. For more information on this please check out the video below. You don’t want this distance between yourself and the person you love the most.