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While it might be a long way off, the full moon on Halloween is one you should be looking forward to. This full moon will be a blue moon and truly something to behold for a lot of reasons. 

While full moons are already powerful the full moon were going to see on October 31st is going to be the second full moon of the month. This meaning it will be a blue moon. For those who do not know, blue moons are much more intense and hold great influence over us when they are present. 

Astro-Awakeingings wrote as follows on the spiritual significance of blue moons as a whole:

Ordinarily, and in (very) general terms, a full moon is a time of fruition and fulfilment, when actions taken, commitments and decisions made, bear fruit. The nature of this fruit reflects how effective our efforts and clear our intentions have been. In the light of a full moon we may see with great clarity how past actions have shaped our present, making connections and reaping results both anticipated and otherwise. The cycles which culminate at a full moon are not necessarily connected only with that moon cycle but may have developed over the course of many weeks, months or years. Every full moon has a deeply personal significance different for each individual, alongside its more general collective significance. Energy at a full moon is heightened favouring activity and effort, in contrast to the dark of a new moon when energy levels are low and the natural tendency is to retreat into stillness as a new cycle is born.

An astrological blue moon is a full moon amplified. Its energy is expressive and dynamic, making it a good time to do what’s needed to bring things to fruition. Think of it as the final creative flourish that competes a masterpiece; the finale of an opera that leaves the audience breathless with excitement and emotion; the last minute rush to meet a deadline which changes our life. If we decide to use the energy of a blue moon to our advantage we can achieve great things with it. Like a full moon on steroids it will deliver potent results, so it’s up to us to be sure the efforts we make will deliver the results we want! Blue moons don’t pick and choose which fruit to ripen, so if we’ve invested our energy into unhelpful actions or mind states, or focused in self-sabotaging or obstructive ways, our blue moon harvest may not be to our liking!

Just as with a full moon, blue moons don’t only deliver results from the current moon cycle but can connect with efforts made weeks, months or years prior. Moon cycles are woven through our lives in complex ways that can be unravelled and understood through natal chart analysis. However, you don’t need to be an experienced astrologer to understand something of what a particular blue moon means for you personally. You simply have to stop and take a good, honest look at your life at the time of the full moon prior to the blue one. Remember, this first full moon is in the same sign as the blue moon, so they are energetically connected. The first full moon acts as an initial phase of completion brought to deeper fruition come the blue moon a month later.

As you can see, this kind of moon is one that brings us to a much deeper place of meaning. As we move through the months to come perhaps we should look forward to this moon and all it could offer us once it is here. Considering the last blue moon like this one we’re about to see happened back in March of 2018, we’re very much due for another. 

How will you prepare for this full moon and do you think it will hold as much power over you as it looks like it will? I can’t wait to see how it manifests things for me. Sure, it might not sound like a lot but as these energies ramp up we will be feeling them big time.