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We are about to face the second full moon of October which for those who might not know is a blue moon in Taurus. This moon is one that brings a lot to the table and honestly has us all over the place.

As this moon unfolds we’re all going to be struggling to remain as normal as we want to and working to break free more properly. Life in itself is going to get confusing but overall, it is not something we are unable to handle. As you may be aware, this moon will be happening on Halloween and its energies will be present for weeks after it is gone.

Below I am going to go over the things each sign should be aware of during this time and perhaps even what they will be getting done. Hold your head up high and work to make things easier on yourself and others. Just because this moon is beautiful does not mean it will be one that does not come with frustration.


This blue moon is going to be really forcing the Aries out of his or her comfort zone. You as a whole will be dealing with the things you’ve been putting off and while you don’t want to you really need to. Things are not always what they seem and during this moon, you’re going to be coming to terms with a lot of things.


This moon for you is going to have you feeling like nothing is going your way. You need to look through your options and work to think a bit more before you make moves. Your well-being matters and if you want to make the most of these energies, you need to let that sink in.


For the Gemini, this blue moon will be all about reflection. You have been moving forth too quickly lately and you’re in serious need of a break. Get to know yourself a bit better while you have the chance.


This moon is not going to be easy on the Cancer. It is going to be bringing a lot of tension forth as noted above but more-so for this sign than any other. You’re going to be on edge and fighting big time with the people who care the most about you. Be careful about what bridges you burn during this time.


This moon will be really bringing you to a place in your life where you realize that you’re focusing on the wrong areas. While you might not always see it, your efforts matter. Perhaps you need to rethink what matters the most to you and make some changes.


You’re really coming out of your shell lately and this moon will amplify that big time. As a Virgo, you’re going to be speaking out and trying to get to know yourself more properly. This might not be like you but it is something that will lighten the mood in big ways.


Let your adventurous side out during this moon, you need to figure out where you want to be moving forth and this is your chance for exactly that. Life is short and you need to be living the life you want. Stop letting other people make decisions for you.


This blue moon is full of opportunities and it will be allowing you to see through the wool that was over your eyes for the longest time. Don’t be too afraid to reach out and take the things before you during this time. If you’re ready to make changes and try something new, go for it.


Stop holding yourself back and cut ties with the person tricking you into giving them the world. Just because you care does not mean you need to be so closed off. If the life you’re living isn’t what you want this moon will bring a lot of questions to your mind.


Stop ignoring the signs before you, this moon is trying to tell you something. The truth hurts but you need to be willing to accept it. While the energies this moon is offering you are hard to face, they are important for you in a lot of different ways.


This moon as a whole is going to have you facing a lot. You’re going to be upset over endings and excited about new beginnings. While you might not know what is to come, you should remain optimistic above all else. Do not let your emotions get the best of you and work through them during the presence of this moon.


This blue moon is going to help you through a lot. It is going to show you that sometimes taking a step back and working on yourself is important. You can be who you want to be if you’re willing to put the work you need to into yourself.