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As you all may know Halloween is almost here and with that spooky season has really set in. This month the celestial world has been all over the place and that won’t be dying down anytime soon. 

On Halloween, there will be a blue moon. This meaning we will be facing the second full moon this month (October). This full moon will be in the sign Taurus and bring a lot of intensity forth. We will be much less patient and more-so nervous and unable to relax depending on how we allow these energies to manifest before us. 

Not only that but Mercury will still be retrograding during this time as well which only makes things worse. Sure, we can make the most of the holiday and have our fun on some level but miscommunications and delays might be something we should plan for in a sense and work to avoid. I know, it might sound a bit toxic or overly hard to deal with but if you know what you’re doing and you remain positive, Halloween will be just fine. 

Astrology King wrote as follows breaking down some of the energies this full moon will be bringing forth:

Full Moon conjunct Uranus can make you feel restless, anxious, impatient, and jumpy. A sense of impending change can make it very difficult to relax. Emotional volatility and rebelliousness may lead to odd behavior, impulsive actions, rapid changes in direction, and even accidents.

Unexpected events and sudden changes can have a very unsettling effect on relationships. You may have to deal with temper tantrums, emotional detachment, separation, isolation, and a general lack of stability and security.

This erratic and unpredictable full moon is best approached with adaptability, flexibility, and open-mindedness. In this way, opportunities will arise to make creative and positive changes in your life. You will have more freedom to follow your own unique path and express your true inner self.

Now, another important thing to be aware of as Halloween draws closer and closer is the Sun opposite Uranus. This too will happen on Halloween and will also bring out our nervous side. That meaning, the energies of the full moon as noted above will be even more amplified. While you might want to be more independent during this period, finding the strength to accomplish that will not be easy. 

However, unexpected situations will be finding you more than ever. You may note that a mystery or special something is coming forth but without really diving into it, you might not be too sure of what is happening. Moving forward you need to do your best to remain calm while considering the opportunities before you. While we’re not supposed to act during Mercury retrogrades, this situation might be worth making that jump into. 

All in all, just remember that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do and that these energies might feel crazy right now but they will go away in time. Ground yourself as best you can and take small steps, things are going to be hectic but well worth embracing.