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Our ‘guts‘ might not speak to us with literal words, but they do communicate quite well when we make the effort to listen. When out, intuition wants to make something known, it will do-so even if we end up ignoring it for one reason or another.

Your gut instinct or gut feeling is a feeling you get deep within that is as you’d expect based on the name quite ‘instinctive’ in the way that it feels. This is also oftentimes referred to as intuition. When your ‘gut’ is speaking to you it will do so through your feelings. If you’ve ever felt out of place for ‘no reason’ then you know exactly what I am talking about.

Some people actually consider this kind of thing to be their sixth sense as it is something we all have but many are not truly tapped into. Your subconscious is able to pick up on things that your conscious mind is overlooking and the results are quite astonishing. Below I am going to go over some of the things our ‘guts’ often tell us and what those things mean. These should never be ignored and should always be worked through or acted on within reason.

Things Your Gut Will Sometimes Tell You That You Should Not Ignore:

1. You’re about to make a bad decision.

Our gut often makes us aware that something we are about to do is something we should not do. While we do not always turn back, we always realize why our gut was telling us that once all is said and done. When it comes to making decisions our gut is well aware which ones will backfire and which will pan out properly.

2. You need to get away from this person.

Your gut is already aware of the energies of the people around you. If someone wishes to do harm to you or has ill intentions your gut is going to know. When your gut says you need to get away from someone, you should. Our guts aren’t going to send out red flags about people without reason.

3. Something is wrong within your body.

Our gut instincts might not always make us aware of the problems going on within but sometimes they really reign through. If you feel like there is something seriously going on within you should get it checked out. It could for some be the difference between life and death. Your subconscious knows your body a lot better than you do. If something feels odd and your gut keeps telling you to get it checked out, do it.

4. You are in danger.

When we are in danger our gut will kick in. While you might not know what is going to happen or where the danger is coming from that fight or flight feeling will be triggered. When this happens most of the time removing ourselves from the situation is best. You don’t want to have to walk around on edge wondering where the ‘threat’ is coming from. Some people have literally gotten gut feelings to leave places only to find that something devastating happened just minutes after their departure.

5. You need help in the situation before you.

Your gut is not going to tell you to ask for help unless you truly need it. While none of us are too keen on letting others do things for us we have to allow it from time to time. Our gut knows if we’ve taken on too much and when it feels overwhelmed and is ready to speak to us we know things have piled too high whether we want to accept it or not. You should not let things continue once this point has been reached.

6. You can trust this person.

Your gut is going to reveal to you whether someone is good or not. If you’re feeling deep within that the person before you is someone you can trust then you’re most likely correct. Your gut can as noted above-read auras and if you’re feeling comfortable it is for a reason.

7. Someone else is in danger.

Our guts sometimes even come to us when other people are in danger. If something is about to happen to someone else your gut might make it known to you. What happens next however is up to you. You can choose to help or choose to stand by, either way, something is about to occur whether you want it to or not.

8. This is your moment.

When you’re before the moment of true shining your gut is going to make sure you know it. Not all of the things out guts come to us about are bad. Sometimes the feelings we get from our gut are far more positive than we could have ever imagined.