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Guardian angels sometimes make themselves known in different ways and not all of those ways are as unexpected as you might think. When you need them the most these spirits will make themselves known.

Sure we all know our guardian angels can and do speak to us in our dreams and through our different senses but your intuition can also be influenced by your angels themselves. Those gut feelings you have are not always coming from your inner voice, sometimes they are sent to you by your angels to make you aware of something you otherwise would never notice. 

If you are not picking up on something that could be dangerous chances are your angels are going to send you some kind of gut feeling. This an attempt to help you get out of harm’s way or back to where you need to be. The more you work to better understand and listen to your intuitive side the more tuned into your angels you will become.

Your angels when you need them the most know this is an easy way for them to get their point across. If you’ve ever asked your angels for help and then began feeling a specific type of way that should serve as an example of this occurring in your life. You might feel compelled to go a different route to work only to find that had you gone the usual way you would have ended up in a car wreck or something else of the sort. The instances that this can occur in are seemingly endless and very important to be aware of.

Our intuition in itself is here for a reason. It is meant to guide us and is a tool that our angels make great use of. Your intuition will always be able to guide you in your most unsure moments through the things before you. Working to hear it out properly is something we should all try to accomplish in our day-to-day lives. wrote as follows in regards to the role our intuition plays:

As your heart opens, so does your intuition. As you release blockages, density, limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears, your vibration naturally increases and your intuition naturally opens. Practice listening and tuning into your intuition, and know that intuition won’t eliminate challenges, or hard times from your life completely.

Intuition, however, can help you to make the best possible decisions and can bring meaning, healing, and magic into your life.

One of the best ways to increase your intuition is to raise your vibration… And of course, connecting with your angels can help you to do just this!

Your angels are continually trying to connect with you and guide you through your intuition.

Ignoring your intuition is ignoring your connection with those above who are trying to help you along your path in this world. When we move in the wrong direction our angels will make that known through the ways we feel and work to help us align more properly with our purpose in this world. If we close our eyes to this kind of thing we are turning our backs on the energetic beings who have and always will be there for us. 

While I know this might sound a bit weird, it’s something that we all need to work to understand so that we can be more willing to listen. For information on this topic please check out the video below. Your gut isn’t just sending bad vibes out for no reason, take the time to question things.