Your aura is important and protecting it is crucial moving forth in this world. There are so many different things that can and will affect it, more than you might want to accept. 

Your aura is your energy field, and we all have one. Even plants and animals have them, basically, every living thing on this planet does. The aura covers our bodies and radiates from within our beings. It extends outside of our bodies and takes in things from the world around us.

While the aura can come in a wide range of colors usually its color relates back to the frequency we are currently vibrating on. The higher your vibration the more clear your color will be. If your aura is a dark color chances are you’re vibrating on a very low level and have a lot of work to do. Once you get your aura where you want it, protecting it is very important. 

Below I am going to go over some tips for protecting your aura and if you haven’t considered it already you should be working hard to keep your aura as full and content as possible. The more care you put into protecting your aura the better you’re going to feel overall. While we cannot necessarily protect it from all outside attacks, we can do our best to keep it as intact as possible and prevent others from draining us for all we’re worth.

9 Ways To Guard Your Aura:

1. Carry protective crystals with you.

Figure out which protective crystals work best for you and have at it. Personally, I carry black tourmaline on my person at all times. This helps keep negative energy at bay.

2. Add a little salt to your life.

Placing salt in the areas you feel you’re being most affected can benefit your aura big time. For instance, if you’re being brought down at work and feel attacked place a small jar of Himalayan salt by your desk. This will do a lot more than you might initially think and in a short period of time, you’ll be feeling much better.

3. Wear black more often.

The color black in itself is very protective. While it gets a bad reputation, there is nothing wrong with it. Black absorbs negative energy and that is why it can work wonders when used to protect your aura.

4. Lean on others if needed.

If you feel that you’re not quite strong enough to protect your aura as is, surround yourself with people who make you feel stronger and more powerful. These people will feed into your own energies and help lift you up. That being said, make sure you’re not draining them without realizing it.

5. Keep yourself as grounded as possible.

While grounding won’t protect you all the time, it can help keep you protected when used with other things on this list. Spend some of your time in nature and with your feet in the dirt. Mother nature knows how to make a difference and will do exactly that.

6. Focus on your breathing more often.

Pay close attention to the flow of air going in and out of your body. Use it to bring in the positive and bring out the negative. This will help you to protect yourself from outside forces when under stressful moments.

7. Take a cleansing salt bath.

While we’ve touched on salt already salt baths deserve their own special slot on this list. Taking a salt bath from time to time will help protect your aura and strengthen it. This relaxes your mind as well as your body allowing you to really let out all the toxic things you’ve taken in. Not only does it heal your aura, but it also makes it harder for negativity to penetrate.

8. Meditate to cleanse your aura.

When you feel that your aura is under attack, meditate. Meditate to protect and strengthen your aura. While this might not sound like much, the stronger your intent the more you accomplish.

9. Smudge your body from time to time.

One of the best ways to keep negativity away is to smudge. I smudge my home and my body once every two weeks. While some people do this more often or less often that in itself is up to you. This will help you to invite positivity forth and keep things flowing properly.

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