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We have seen things online time and time again about Google, Facebook, Apple, Samsung and more ‘recording’ our lives or keeping track of us through our phones. This is something that people love to talk about, but sadly, there is quite a bit of truth surrounding the rumors.

It seems Google may have records of your conversations some even from as far back as 2015! Apparently, Google silently records the conversations of those who use their products. This is allegedly a feature that was meant to work as a means for enabling people to search using their voice and through storing these things Google is able to improve the quality of its language recognition tools. Sounds fishy now, doesn’t it?

This is through their Voice & Audio Activity. You see, when we use the command option (where you say “Ok Google” and your phone searches something for you) our phones are recording this audio for seconds before we say “Ok Google” and shortly after. (Possibly longer, who knows at this point?) Audio can even be saved when your device is offline. That being said, we can manage the things saved.

Click here to see your recordings, play them back, and if you want; delete them. It doesn’t stop there though, click here to see your internet records. Crazy, isn’t it? We are being monitored on a very deep level. Sure, being able to search things with our voices is neat and convenient but the fact that we are being recorded is a bit nerve-wracking even if we aren’t saying or doing anything wrong in our daily lives.

If you want to prevent Google from recording you in the future turn off this option and keep it off. What did you find in your history? While my voice history was empty my search history went back pretty far. I hope this was useful to you and if you want any more information on this please feel free to check out the video below. What do you think about Google maintaining recordings of your conversations and other things of the sort?