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We all have dreams and some of those dreams are bad while others can be good. The things that happen in our dreams might not seem like much to some but to each of us, they hold deeper meanings we should be looking into. 

While we might not know to pay attention to these things at first, the more we see them the more prominent they become in our lives. Looking into your dreams can help you assess things before you in real life and for some of us they can even help us progress further in ways we never imagined. Dreams allow us to tap into things that we while awake would never be capable of and we all need to keep that in mind moving forth. 

Below I am going to go over several good dream omens and several bad dream omens. These are some of the more common dreams people have and some of the things they can mean for each of us. If you’re dreaming of these things, you should be reading between the lines. The things that come to you while you’re asleep can reveal a lot to you if you’re willing to hear them out properly. 

5 Major Good Dream Omens:

1. Dreaming Of A Baby

To dream that you’re having a baby or that you’re just near a baby as a whole could be representing some kind of innocence in your life. You’re finding your happiness but also trying to hide your weaknesses. This dream in many ways should serve as a reminder that you’re in a phase of growth. That being said, this is circumstantial and if you’re having an intense and painful dream that involves babies things could turn hard quickly. 

2. Dreaming Of A Talent Show

While it might sound odd, a lot of people dream of this kind of thing, and for those who do it means they are working to recognize the things they are good at in life. They are coming to terms with their potential and this is a truly amazing thing as a whole. If you’re unsure of yourself during this talent show your dream self is trying to make you aware of an area you need to work on but it is all rooted in growth. 

3. Dreaming Of A Falcon

If you’re seeing a falcon in your dream state then you’re very much focused in life. This in your dream state symbolizes your goals and that you’re getting closer to them than you think. This could in many ways be a reminder from your spirit guides to keep pushing forward.

4. Dreaming Of Being Chased

While a lot of people see dreams like this as bad things, they’re usually pretty positive overall. This kind of dream means you’re trying hard to get somewhere that you need to be. You’re making changes and really going above and beyond to escape something that is troubling you big time. That being said, how you handle that ‘something’ might make a big difference in how you end up overall. 

5. Dreaming Of Some Kind Of Green Field

If you’re dreaming of some kind of greenfield you could be very much at peace. This dream shows us that you’re finally feeling free and happy. You’re growing in ways you may have never thought you could have before. That being said if this field suddenly turns dead and sickly you could be struggling within and have lots to overcome if you want to get where you’re going. 

5 Major Bad Dream Omens:

1. Dreaming Of Fighting Someone 

If you’re dreaming about violence in this sense you’re really dealing with things you don’t want to come to terms with. You’re in conflict whether you want to admit it or not and this could all be going on within yourself. When we have dreams like this they’re trying to make us aware that we need to open up and be more willing to see what we lack within. Only through coming to terms with your own shortcomings can you face those of others.

2. Dreaming Of Being Pale And Sickly

This for many of us symbolizes that we’re afraid of something and headed somewhere we should not be going. You could be stuck in some kind of toxic relationship or something else of the sort. Dreams like this are supposed to help us open our eyes but sadly, not everyone is willing to open theirs. 

3. Dreaming Of Being Bitten

If you’re dreaming that you’re being bitten then chances are someone in your life is wishing harm on you. This represents your vulnerable side and is bringing you down in big ways. When we have this kind of dream we need to be aware of the people we allow close in our lives.

4. Dreaming Of Being Seen By Paramedics

More people than you might think have this kind of dream and for them, it signifies that they have things going on in their lives they need to address now. Things are getting to a point where they’re almost too late to make the changes that need to be made. If you’re having this kind of dream you need to stop avoiding the issues before you and finally resolve them once and for all. 

5. Dreaming Of Your Teeth Rotting

When we dream of this it tends to freak us out. Our teeth are important and without them we feel as though people would look at us much differently. If your teeth in your dreams are rotting or something of the sort you have likely said things in the past or perhaps are still doing things in the present that are coming back to bite you in the rear end. You’re getting what you deserve in this sense but you’re unable to truly process it. You don’t know how to make up for the things you’ve said and it’s got you feeling stuck.