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While smudging has been around for ages, in recent times it has resurfaced as a spiritual trend and for good reason.  Smudging is beneficial in many ways and through smudging your literal self you are able to cleanse in ways you wouldn’t otherwise.

While you might think it is a bit odd at first, the more you do it the better you begin to feel. Smudging is a wonderful way to combat negativity and clear the energy fields around you and within you. It allows us all to begin again. Below I am going to go over how you can begin practicing smudging on yourself, while it is a lot similar to smudging other things there are some differences.

How To Smudge Your Being:

Step #1: Burn some incense to get things started.

Burn some incense and get yourself relaxed. Really let yourself settle down. Don’t let yourself get worked up over anything, choose your favorite scent and get to it.

Step #2: Meditate deeply and let go of everything bothering you.

Sit down and meditate properly. Close your eyes and allow yourself to let go. Let go of anything that is bothering you, anything that is stressing you needs to melt away from your mind.

Step #3: Set your intentions and ask the universe to bless your body.

Set your intentions, whatever those intentions may be. Ask the universe into your life and invite it to cleanse your soul. Through saying this you are bringing more power to it.

Step #4: Begin smudging with sage (white sage).

Now light your sage stick and begin moving down your body allowing the smoke to really resonate with your body. Go up and down your torso and sides, get your back and everywhere else. The longer you do this the better. Really allow the room to fill with energy and light.

Step #5: End by thanking the universe.

Now that you have completed the process close things off by letting the universe know how thankful you are. Remind yourself of the things you have and where you are in your life. This will promote positivity.

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