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The zodiac may not be 100% accurate all the time, but admittedly, most of the people I know are pretty close to being exactly what their sign’s typical traits entail. With that being said, it certainly begs the question: which of us are the best girlfriends, and which of us are the worst?

Honestly, I was taken aback.

1. Sagittarius

The Sagittarius girl will always be selfless in the way that she loves her man. While she may not jump into a relationship quickly, when she does get in one, she means for it to last. As a fire sign. she is extremely headstrong about her pursuits, and if she is pursuing you, it will be until the end.

2. Capricorn

As an Earth sign. Capricorn is practical and giving. She enjoys doing the things her nurturing spirit desires most—someone who gives their entire 100%. When she commits, she is loyal & dedicated to her partner. However, you may need to keep in mind that she is a perfectionist, so you will need to learn to accept that, and I promise its worth it.

3. Libra

Libra women strive for justice, peace and balance. And because of this, they are easy going and laid back, making a partnership with them quite nice. But, sometimes, their idealist view on keeping the peace can cause major disturbances in the long run, as holding in anger is NEVER a good thing with a Libra!

4. Pisces

As water signs, Pisces can be quite emotional- meaning that they are extremely loving and passionate towards those they care about. But don’t try to lie to her or fake emotion of any type, as she will know. Pisces are extremely talented at reading people and they will watch you for the signs.

5. Aquarius

She may seem like kind of a weirdo, and she may be hard to reach emotionally (as she is EXTREMELY independent) if you reel her in, don’t ever let go. The most difficult aspect of your relationship will be showing her that she deserves self-love, but have patience because if you show her that she is worthy, she will eventually believe it.

6. Gemini

Dating a Gemini is like dating two women who are polar opposites. On one side she will be exciting, fun and adventurous. However, conversely, she has a dark side that you will eventually see, and trust us, you DON’T WANT TO.

7. Leo

Leo women have ridiculous expectations, as they are hopeless romantics. They will do a lot for the people they love, but they will not settle for less than they feel that they deserve and they are very wrapped up in themselves.

8. Cancer

Cancer women are typically seemingly nice people, however, when they have been hurt they typically push away the people that care for them the most. They don’t intend to do any harm, but they are likely to carry past grudges from old relationships into the new ones.

9. Scorpio

A Scorpio will love you with all her heart until you make a mistake. And then, you are dead to her. And while she may be difficult to get through to, if you do, she will love you forever. Just beware of the storms brewing inside her that are difficult to predict.

10. Taurus

Taurus women get sick of love real fast when they have been hurt. And when they do, they can be extremely difficult to sway into sticking to a lasting relationship.

11. Virgo

Virgo’s are extremely critical and are also jealous to a fault…and excessively insecure. They also are extreme perfectionists, expecting only the best from themselves and also from you. And when you can’t deliver- expect her to blow up and self-destruct.

12. Aries

While she may be a go-getter and have the drive of a goddess, she is also intense in every other aspect of her life. Unfortunately, this can work your disadvantage if you upset them, as their temper is unlike any other.

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