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On November 19, the full moon will peak, but the few days before and after a full moon are also a part of its energy. With that in mind, on the 17th, we will experience a lunar eclipse, which will be shadowing the full moon in Taurus. Because of this- we are going to be pushed to focus on what grounds us.

The full moon is a time of touching base with ourselves on an intuitive level. During this time, we are faced with coming to terms with ourselves, so we can manifest what we need most to bring us to where we need to be. Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign, so its energy is all about touching base with the material realm and grounding ourselves accordingly.

Since this moon is also going to be eclipsed partially (almost entirely) on the 17th and 18th, there are going to be some major and sudden shifts. Taurus energy is all about comfort and stability- so with a shift like this throwing us for a loop, we are going to be urged to ask ourselves to find our stability and grounding.

If you are like me and have a hard time stabilizing during chaos- this is a perfect opportunity to ask yourself, “What grounds me?”

Being grounded means coming to terms with our reality and coming back down to Earth, so to speak. The element of Earth pertains to our possessions, our home, our belongings, our physical bodies, our security, and our stability. If you have been caught up in your mind and the spiritual realm, it may be time to balance yourself and the spiritual with practicality. And that is exactly what this shift is all about!

Here are a few grounding tips to fully embrace the energy associated with this shift.

Step outside, barefoot, and stand tall, with your posture correct. Feel the dirt on your feet, and breathe in and out. Let go of your worries and say this aloud : “I am grounded, I am secure. I am in this physical body, and I am safe.”

Take a black stone, such as obsidian, hematite, or black onyx. Lay down comfortably, and place the stone over your root chakra (at the base of your tailbone.) Close your eyes, and envision a red ball of light at the base of your spine. Imagine it spinning and as it spins, it starts to clear out the stale energy in that region. As it spins and clears our stale and stagnant energy, envision feelings of security and stability. Now, see that light turning into a beautiful red flower with blooms. Continue to focus on that, and say “I am safe, I am secure, I am grounded.” Open your eyes when ready.