As we move forth through May we are getting closer and closer to Gemini season which begins on the 21st of May and lasts until the 21st of June. This whole season itself is going to bring some interesting energies to the table and give us all the chance to really open up in ways we otherwise never would. 

Gemini season might catch some off guard but for many, it will be quite the fun ordeal. The first few weeks will go over smoothly but as we move into the last period of Gemini season, things will change as they usually do. During this time period, we should all work to be more communicative and sharing. 

Gemini season offers us abundance but also brings forth lessons about love and our inner voices as a whole. When we are stuck in Gemini season we are also stuck trying to figure out how to get along a bit better. Because Gemini people are all about using their words, this season that in itself will be brought out in all who embrace these energies. 

Don’t let people you know are toxic close and do your best to only hold the souls of those who will help you grow nearest your heart. Gemini people tend to nest around those who care for them the most and that’s something we should all be taking from them and working to pick up on. Everything happens for a reason, sure, but we do need to try our best to protect our well-being as a whole. wrote as follows about some of the things we should be doing during Gemini season:

Geminis gets a rep for double-talk—which is true for some Twins who might declare you “a great human being” one minute then be like, #idontknowher the next. But for others it might just be a matter of forgetfulness, overpromising or a legit ability to see every side of the matter. During this celestial season, all twelve zodiac signs would be wise to steer clear of tea-spillers, shit-talkers and contrarian assholes. For one thing, they could drive you to drink! For another, you don’t need your name associated with the trouble they cause. And if friends or family try to suck you into the middle of their personal conflicts, run for the hills! You might start out playing peacekeeper only to have them both turn on you when you refuse to choose one side over the other.

The best way to avoid a Gemini season disaster? Give yourself something to talk about besides the latest goss. Much juicier topics might include the artist line-up at Pitchfork, dissecting a subversive exhibit at a modern-art gallery, or whether you prefer savory or fruity-floral notes at a rosé tasting. In short, just fill your calendar with activities that are equal parts distracting and enriching. Since Gemini rules the hands, this is a great time for all of use to get crafty. Take a “weaving with pom-poms” workshop, make a container garden, learn how to solder gold.

This season in many ways will help you all to flourish if you’re willing to embrace it. Allow yourself to go on an adventure and see where you end up in all of this. Speak your mind as best you can and see where you end up. 

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