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As we move forth through May we are getting closer and closer to Gemini season which begins on the 21st of May and lasts until the 21st of June. This whole season itself is going to bring some interesting energies to the table and give us all the chance to really open up in ways we otherwise never would.

Gemini season is the perfect time for change, growth, renewal, and reflection. It will catch a lot of people off guard, but for many it will be a fun and exciting time of year. The first few weeks will go over smoothly but as we move to the last half of Gemini season, things will change as they usually do. Right now it is important to work on communication.

Gemini season offers us abundance but also brings forth lessons about love and our inner voices as a whole. When we are stuck in Gemini season we are also stuck trying to figure out how to get along a bit better. Because Gemini people are all about using their words, this season that in itself will be brought out in all who embrace these energies.

Don’t let people you know are toxic close and do your best to only hold the souls of those who will help you grow nearest your heart. Gemini people tend to nest around those who care for them the most and that’s something we should all be taking from them and working to pick up on. Everything happens for a reason, sure, but we do need to try our best to protect our well-being as a whole. wrote as follows about some of the things we should be doing during Gemini season:

Geminis gets a rep for double-talk—which is true for some Twins who might declare you “a great human being” one minute then be like, #idontknowher the next. But for others it might just be a matter of forgetfulness, overpromising or a legit ability to see every side of the matter. During this celestial season, all twelve zodiac signs would be wise to steer clear of tea-spillers, shit-talkers and contrarian assholes. For one thing, they could drive you to drink! For another, you don’t need your name associated with the trouble they cause. And if friends or family try to suck you into the middle of their personal conflicts, run for the hills! You might start out playing peacekeeper only to have them both turn on you when you refuse to choose one side over the other.

The best way to avoid a Gemini season disaster? Give yourself something to talk about besides the latest goss. Much juicier topics might include the artist line-up at Pitchfork, dissecting a subversive exhibit at a modern-art gallery, or whether you prefer savory or fruity-floral notes at a rosé tasting. In short, just fill your calendar with activities that are equal parts distracting and enriching. Since Gemini rules the hands, this is a great time for all of use to get crafty. Take a “weaving with pom-poms” workshop, make a container garden, learn how to solder gold.

Some important dates to look forward to, according to Forever Conscious,

May 20- Sun Enters Gemini + Pleiades Portal

The Sun enters Gemini on May 20/21 (depending on your timezone), which also coincides with the peak of the Pleiades Portal. The Pleiades is believed to be home to an advanced alien race and during the time of the portal, we can access Pleiadean wisdom with greater ease. You can learn more on the Pleiades Portal, plus read a channeled message here.

May 23- Saturn Retrograde

Saturn enters its annual retrograde, encouraging us to revisit events since September 2020 and reflect on the decisions we have made and what we need to take responsibility for. Saturn Retrograde is often a time of practicing patience and taking ownership of our actions. If you have things to resolve, be patient as you may find that Saturn Retrograde helps to bring more information to the surface.

May 26- Super Blood Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius

This is both a Super Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse, making it quite rare and extra potent. Super Moons indicate that the Moon is closer than usual to Earth, meaning its energetic effects are stronger. Whenever we have a Total Lunar Eclipse, the Moon develops a reddish hue which is why it is referred to as a Blood Moon. Total Lunar Eclipses are a time of great change and transformation. We may feel ourselves moving through a symbolic process of death and rebirth or we may find sudden changes taking place that we have to adapt and grow with. As this Eclipse falls in Sagittarius, we may find new wisdom or even secrets coming to the surface that requires us to evolve or change our approach. Even though this Eclipse energy can be intense and definitely stir our deeper, darker emotions, there is also gentle and supportive energy flowing in too. More to come on this soon.

May 29- Mercury Retrograde

Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, enters its second retrograde of the year. This is a time to take pause, which may be welcome energy to work with seeing as we will continue to have the Eclipse energy rolling in. Use this time of pause to reflect, to work with what’s already on your plate, and to pick up forgotten projects.

June 2- Venus in Cancer

Venus moves into watery, intuitive Cancer. With Venus in Cancer, we are more sensitive and connected to our true feelings. Our feelings can be our compass – make peace with what comes up and try your best to follow the feelings that are most supportive.

June 10- New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Eclipses typically come in pairs, so this is the second and final Eclipse of the Season. This Eclipse opens a doorway to a new and elevated state of consciousness. We may not be able to make sense of things just yet, but know that new opportunities are on the way. This is a time to really become a master of our mind and to shift into expansive, abundant thinking rather than limited or fear-based thinking. The power of the mind is key here.

June 11- Mars in Leo

Mars moves into fiery Leo. Mars loves being in this fire sign and will give us a passion for romance, fun, and adventure! This is a highly creative and very active energy. With all of this Eclipse energy creating a stir, we can tap into some of this Mars energy to receive a nice boost of motivation.

June 14- Saturn Square Uranus

Saturn Square Uranus is a major astrological energy we are working with all through the year. The first of these squares occurred on February 17, and now we have the second, however this time, Saturn is in Retrograde. This can change the energetic expression, and guide us to be more reflective and patient, rather than active. You can read more about this important astrological transit for 2021 here. The final Saturn Uranus Square will take place on December 24.

June 20- Jupiter Retrograde

Just before the Sun prepares to leave Gemini for Cancer, the largest planet in our solar system enters retrograde. This gives us a total of four major planets in retrograde including Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto. We now have a collective theme in our cosmic skies of slowing down, pausing, and reflecting. During Jupiter’s retrograde, it will be magnifying the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces, so we may notice themes around innovation and creativity. More to come on this, so stay tuned!

June 20/21- June Solstice

Gemini Season comes to the end as the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer. This is also the June Solstice, which brings the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere. The Solstice is a sacred time where the veil between dimensions is thin and the energy lines of the Earth are more active.

This season in many ways will help you all to flourish if you’re willing to embrace it. Allow yourself to go on an adventure and see where you end up in all of this. Speak your mind as best you can and see where you end up.