As we move through May we’re about to be facing the new moon. This new moon will occur on the 22nd and be in Gemini. 

Now, for those who do not know, this new moon is all about rebuilding our lives and finding a sense of peace. We will all be working hard to get back to normal and trying to find the initiative that we need. The energies at play here will be pushing us to break bad habits and try new things. 

If you want to make the most of these energies perhaps you should try carrying out some kind of ritual. While we all create our own, this one is very special to me and might be worth your time. It is simple and yet quite effective in setting us off on the right paths in this life.

Gemini New Moon Ritual:

Things Needed:

Smudging Tools

Three Candles

Bowl of Water


Under the new moon move forth and smudge the area you will be working within. Smudge everything around you and even yourself. This will ensure you’re working in a place that is not going to cloud your mind. 

From here place the things you brought with you on the ground and sit comfortably. Light your three candles and remind yourself that you are doing this ritual to invite these healing and growth-filled energies into your life. Through this ritual, they will allow you to do so much more.

Light your candles and spend a few seconds really thinking about all you want to wash your hands of moving forth. Once you’ve got these things isolated use the water and your hands together. Wash your hands with the water in the bowl as if you were removing these things with the water itself. 

By the time you’re done the water may end up feeling much heavier, this is because it carried these things within it now. From here pour it into the Earth and return it to Mother Nature for her to deal with accordingly. Make sure when doing this that you are affirming that you are letting go of these things and washing your hands of them moving forth. 

See, simple enough, isn’t it? You’d be surprised what a big difference this can have in your life. I love doing this one when we have new moon energies like these present. Rituals like these work wonders and the more you believe in them the more prominent your results will be, believe in yourself and the power within your being above all else.

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