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December is moving by quickly and on the 12th of this month, there will be a full moon. This full moon will be the last one of 2019 and using the energies it brings forth properly is very important. 

Each time there is a full moon it is important to carry out a ritual to really bring forth all the things you possibly can within your life. While each one is different the energies before you are essential for moving forth and growing properly. This full moon as noted above will be in Gemini and because of this when it comes to your full moon ritual you should focus on ending tension and reducing the presence of complication in your life.

Below I am going to go over the perfect ritual for the coming full moon and how simple it really is to work with the things around you. If you’re interested in really creating a great atmosphere for 2020 this ritual will work wonders in your life. Will you be partaking this go around?

Gemini Full Moon Ritual For Ending Chaos

Things Needed:

Smudging Tools – whichever you feel suits you best

A Lighter or Some Matches

Paper and Pen

Three Candles

Container You Can burn Things In – clay pot, metal pot/pan, etc.


Go outside on the night of the full moon and set your candles up. Find yourself a nice spot out in nature with the dirt underneath your feet. Smudge the area and your body to ensure that you’re removing stagnant or negative energies.

From here, light your candles and set your intentions. You are going to use this full moon to reduce chaos in your life and eliminate all of the negative things going on around you and in your own mind. Do not forget that through this process.

Now, using your paper and pen write down everything that you’re going through and all the things holding you back right now. Get it all out on paper as best you can and really let your emotions flow properly. 

Once you’ve done this place the papers in your pot/pan and light them on fire carefully. Allow them to burn and while they are burning watch them. Within your mind through burning these things you should be letting them go one by one. Release them into the world and remind yourself that through this they will no longer hold power over you or your life. 

Once you’ve done this give the ashes a moment and ensure that they are no longer able to start any kind of fire and spread them around on the ground. This is you giving these problems back to mother nature and hoping for some change. You through this will be creating the perfect start for 2020. If you cannot change it, let it go.