As we move into the beginning of September we’re about to face the full moon in Pisces. This full moon is one that will bring us all the things we’ve been lacking in more ways than most of us could assume. 

This full moon holds several aspects and it’s one that we should all be aware of. While it may create some tension for us all, it will also provide us with a lot of room for growth. During the time this moon is holding power over us, we should work hard to prevent the pressure we’re dealing with from weighing down on us too heavily. 

The more comfortable you become the more powerful your intuitive side will become. We’re all headed towards new opportunities and if we know how to go through the doors before us we can and will get through this just fine. We are all unique and as that presents itself more and more we will begin to show our true colors. wrote as follows on the topic:

Things are seldom what they seem… but this is especially true under a Pisces full moon. The mystical messages coming through now have a dreamy logic all their own. And we’ll need more than just logic to fully fathom the depths of these unconscious knowings.

But if we get in too deep, this full moon’s sextile with Uranus in Taurus can be a vital lifeline. Uranus has a way of snapping us back to the here and now—which, as any true mystic will tell you, is the only reality there is! Through imagination, intuition, and empathy, the Pisces moon allows us to experience it more fully.

At the same time, critical and analytical thinking skills are equally essential. With so much information flooding in through both our physical and subtle senses, there’s a lot to process. Fortunately, the Virgo sun’s trine with Uranus helps us make sense of it all. With discernment, we can sort out which information is truly useful and which only serves to confuse us more.

At this Pisces full moon, the trick is staying fully present, both in our bodies and with what’s happening around us. With Uranus retrograde, we’re internalizing more of his electrifying energy. But having some simple mind-body-spirit practices in our repertoire makes it easier to ground and center ourselves.

A cardinal Grand Cross can also set us on edge around this full moon. While cardinal is the energy of decisive action, right now competing agendas and impulses are pulling us in four different directions. The best way to relieve this tension is by standing in the middle ground between all these extremes.

This period for us all is a chance for great awakening if we use the energies it offers to our advantages. You can work hard to make positive changes if that is what you want and the freer you become the more clear your truth will be. Sure, this in itself might put a lot of relationships and connections on the line but the ones that matter will remain clear and defined. 

While it might be hard to let go of the toxic things before you, you can do it. Things are not always what they seem and the sooner you see this the better. Remember to be patient and take things one step at a time.

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