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Yes, it is almost time for the August full moon in Pisces. This full moon will mark the near end of the month and beginning of a wondrous September.

The full moon in Pisces will occur on the 26th of this month and will really be bringing us to a new place in our own minds. The full moon will be aligned with two very powerful fixed stars making the energies to come all the more powerful. Pisces is a very interesting energy in itself and will be pushing us all to be more imaginative, creative, and providing us with a deep sense of intuition.

This full moon is going to be the best time for us to really work towards making changes in our lives. It will allow us to become more aware of internal conflicts and show us how to release the pressures within our beings. While it will be a seemingly emotional moon, it will be one that clears out any negative feelings you may have been dealing with.

Those two stars as mentioned above are going to be helping you to develop more as a person and bring forth some very fun and exciting opportunities. You may note an increase in luck and positive energy during this time. Any and all energy you absorb during this full moon is going to work in your favor.

Let go of any baggage you have been carrying and really let Pisces sink its energy into your being. Clean those skeletons out of your closet and learn to forgive. The past is the past and being more present will truly make a difference in your life.

While this full moon might not be one that many people take the time to enjoy, you should. There is going to be a lot of conflicts but also a lot of growth. For more information on this full moon check out the video below. What do you think about all of this?