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This full moon is really beginning to turn into something spectacular as energies move forth. May is a month in which we all tend to feel a bit out of whack but this year, none of us were prepared for what is currently before us.

The full moon of May is most commonly known as the full flower moon, this is because the time period in which most flowers bloom. You see, the names of each full moon come from Native Americans in the past. It is also sometimes called Mother’s Moon or the Milk Moon.

This full moon is occuring on the 18th of May so chances are it’s well underway as you’re reading this. This moon is one that we have been feeling the energies from for weeks but have not been able to tie down. It will bring forth lots of changes for each and every one of us and in some instances push us to really break free from the shackles holding us back. Now is the time to chase your dreams, for once.

While it might not feel as intense to you right now, in the coming days these energies are really going to run rampant in our lives. They will not be dying down once the moon has moved phases, during this time it is important to understand that sometimes being overly rational isn’t a good idea. If you want to get things done properly perhaps putting your mind at ease and just going with the flow is a good idea.

If you’re the kind to turn the other way when you see someone struggling this full moon will bring out the caring side in your heart. You will be much more patient and willing to be there for the people who need you the most. That being said, this full moon has a dark side that we should all work to better understand.

Dark Astrology wrote as follows in regards to this full moon:

Moon opposite Mercury creates a synergy or conflict between the rational mind and gut instincts. The restlessness creates a very driven mood in the collective where we are constantly in a state of flux like the tides washing in and out. This can make for a very creative, self-purifying period with a huge need to communicate our fluctuating moods to a wider audience. Moon opposite Mercury can manifest as a magic wand once we have come to peace with ourselves and tamed the mind to work with our intuition. Those touched by this May full moon will feel highly strung so they will need to purge their energies through something artistic. There could be a lot of restlessness in the general public who will find creative ways to express their angst against the governing classes.

As we move forth we should all be taking our time and making sure that the things we’re doing align with the things we want in the end. Embrace all the change that is to come and take the chances before you. While it might not be as easy as you want it to be, it will be beneficial. Growth from this moon is truly unavoidable.

While it might seem a bit confusing, the more time that passes the more you will understand this moon. We are in for a lot of fluctuation and the more we allow the more we will find. For more information on this full moon feel free to check out the video below.