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Over time, it becomes easier and easier to become wrapped up in a victim mindset. You may feel wronged, and rightfully so, but staying in a victim mindset does far more harm than good.

You may be dealing with relationship issues, in which your partner isn’t honoring your needs. Or you may have a difficult job in which your boss is constantly berating you and undervaluing your work. In other cases, you may have endured extremely traumatic situations, leaving you feeling as though the world is against you.

“Why me?” You may find yourself asking, day in and day out. And while you have every right to feel as though you’ve been wronged, taking the position of a victim will never allow you to save yourself. When you give in and say, “What’s the point?” you give your power away to those who victimize you.

Behind every victim mentality is a fearful inner child, who is terrified of being hurt again. Instead of putting themselves in another position, your inner child retreats and hides away from the world.

Our past can often define us- but it doesn’t have to. When you were hurt or traumatized as a small child, you likely saw yourself as a victim, because at that moment you were. And this mindset originates within these moments. Since children are small, with developing brains, early trauma can cause them to feel flawed, or defective. You may still see yourself that way, but the truth of the matter is that you don’t have to.

You can free yourself.

Try this exercise to free your suffering inner child & take back your life.

Go to a quiet place without distractions. Sit comfortably and slow your breath and close your eyes. Take a few moments to clear your mind. Now envision your higher, mature self. Imagine this version of yourself, however you envision the wisest and most mature aspect of yourself. Mine was an older crone or wise woman. Now imagine your inner victimized child. See them locked in a cage, trembling in fear. Allow the wise woman to walk up to the cage. See yourself as her (or him.)

Inside of their pocket is a key to the cage. Imagine them telling the small child everything is okay. You are safe from harm, and you are no longer a victim. “Everything is okay now,” you tell the child. “I am here, and you are safe.”

Now, envision yourself as the child, trapped and afraid. Imaging that fears washing away, and giving way to relief. You are saved. You are now free.

The world is full of possibility and you no longer have to be a victim to anyone. Feel the true sense of relief and joy. Feel warmth wash over you, and watch your higher self free you from the cage with the key.

Watch yourself walk away from your prison and slowly transform into the crone.