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As you may know, the 11th was the night of the new moon and that new moon occurs in Aquarius. While that in itself is intense, there are many more celestial bodies at play than most want to come to terms with right now. 

The energies from this new moon will remain with us for at least a few weeks and as we have gone over they will be bringing out the romantic side in most of us. While that is all fine and dandy, it could really set the mood for something that we either love or hate depending on how things play out. I know, that sounds vague but please hear me out. 

Astrology King wrote as follows on these energies:

The new moon on February 11, 2021, at 23°16′ Aquarius is conjunct Mercury and square Mars. But as the chart below shows, the aspect orbs are very big. There are much tighter aspects influencing this new moon.

The strongest planetary influence is Venus conjunct Jupiter. This is probably the best of all aspects and is associated with good luck, love, and money. And the new moon aligns with a fixed star called ‘the luckiest of the lucky’.

Sun conjunct Moon (0°00′) represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28-day cycle. It gives an invigorating burst of energy and initiative. But it also brings emotional balance, not irrationally emotional, and not too cold and calculating.

So this is an excellent time for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf, or starting a new project. You can also question old habits, behaviors, and beliefs as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress.

On top of all of this, the Aquarius energies before us are far more intense than you’d expect because currently there are four planets present in the sign. Those planets being Mercury (which is retrograding), Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. This means each planet and the things they rule over will hold powers from Aquarius in nature. When it comes to the most influential, perhaps we need to be keeping our eyes on Mercury as a whole. wrote as follows going over some of what Mercury in Aquarius has to offer during its retrograding period:

When Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius, not only will communication and travel get chaotic, but we can also expect an added dose of mayhem when it comes to our technology. After all, Aquarius rules electricity, technology, and the Internet. So, when Mercury goes retrograde in this sign, it’s possible we’ll experience extra frustration with mishaps in these areas. To avoid making a purchase that leads to regret, hold off on buying any new electronics until after Mercury goes direct.

But there’s an upside to Mercury’s retrograde through Aquarius, too. It’s a time when our most innovative ideas will go through an overhaul. If we’ve had any “out there” thoughts, this is our chance to reassess them before we reveal them to the world. Our most powerful dreams and aspirations may come up for review, and we can use this transit to discard what we know is no longer working in our reality.

All in all the energies before us will be helping us out big time but they will also have us all over the place. We are right now being pulled in tons of different directions and the more we fight it the harder things will become. This much should be quite apparent to us all. 

All of this having been said, Saturn in Aquarius is going to ground us out a bit. It will bring forth harmony and help us really tie down the important things. Do your best over the next few weeks and really think through all of the things you’re doing at the moment.