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In this day and age, we get far more caught up in the things we don’t have or cannot accomplish than we should. Rather than looking at the bright side of things, we bring ourselves down obsessing over the negative.

One thing I have learned throughout the years that we all need to work on more properly is that even though we may feel like we’re not good enough, we are good enough. If you’re putting your best foot forward and doing all you can then you are doing more than most others and as a result good enough in every sense of the word. Sure, you might not be where you want to be just yet but you will get there in time.

Life is not a cakewalk, and we all go through ups and downs. The harder you are on yourself the worse you will end up feeling and that’s not good for anyone, ever. Stop beating yourself up for all your mistakes and the things you perhaps couldn’t manage to get done and start being forgiving towards yourself. Treat yourself better and you will feel better, that is something I know to be true. 

Why is it that we tend to treat others better than we do ourselves? Allowing your own wellbeing to fall through the cracks won’t do you or anyone else any good so why waste your time doing it? Just because you didn’t leave that toxic person as soon as you should have doesn’t make you a bad person and your bad attitude a few days ago is not going to ever be capable of defining you as a whole. 

Being willing to take care of ourselves and learning to forgive ourselves for the wrongs we’ve caused in our own lives is a step towards something enormous. Once you learn how to do these things you learn how to appreciate yourself as a person. You realize that you matter and that you deserve to be happy. 

You are nowhere near as weak as you make yourself out to be in your own mind. You are a strong person who is capable of so much more in this life. You can hold your own and you manage just fine without the help of others. We are all worthy of forgiveness and leaving yourself out of that is rubbish. 

You owe it to yourself to truly take care of your needs with all they entail. You have never not been good enough, you’ve just at some points been a bit too blind to see your worth and that’s something that you shouldn’t be ashamed of. We all grow at our own pace and the fact that you’re beginning to open your eyes now is better than not having done-so at all. 

Be proud of who you are and appreciate all you’ve built for yourself. This life is yours to live and you need to be sure you’re making the most of it. Even when you think you’re making all the wrong moves know that if you’re trying your best to do good, you are enough and will always be enough.