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We all want to find our soulmate in life or at least something we can call a connection close to as deep but not all of us are going about it in the right ways. If you’re just out there flirting with everyone and winging it, you’re probably hurting your soul more than you realize.

We should instead be doing something that might sound a bit silly, we should be flirting with our own souls. Yes, I know as I mentioned it sounds silly, but it’s something that can and will help you attract your soulmate in more ways than you could ever imagine. Flirting with your soul isn’t your typical flirting. It’s more-so being present with yourself and allowing your soul to grow through your being.

The more tuned into your inner workings you become the more your soul will radiate on the outside of your being. This in the end attracting your soulmate to you more and more. It’s not that complex and well, is more than worth working towards.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that you can do to flirt more with your soul. These things are simple enough but oftentimes we forget how important they can be. How often do you stop to flirt with your soul?

3 Ways To Flirt With Your Soul:

1. Be open and honest with yourself above all else.

We see openness and honesty overall as attractive traits in others, right? Why don’t we work to cultivate this by being more honest and open with ourselves? Don’t lie to yourself or hold yourself back, be more present and there for yourself as you should be.

The more you get to know yourself the more clear your aura will become. This allowing your soulmate to spot you more easily. I know, it’s simple enough, but it’s something we often refuse to work within.

2. Set your boundaries and stop letting other people cross them.

In life and love, we can sometimes be a bit too lax. We let other people do things we do not agree with and end up getting walked all over. This shouldn’t be happening. By flirting with your soul you should know all too well the respect you deserve and from there you should demand it. Don’t let people do whatever they want to you, draw the line, and stop allowing others to jump over or stomp all over it.

3. Listen to the lack of noise and be patient.

Just be present with yourself and enjoy things as they come. Don’t rush yourself into anything you may or may not be ready for. Be willing to slow down when things get intense and when your intuition comes calling don’t ignore it. This one out of all the things on the list in my eyes is the most important.