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You might have heard of the omega male before, but have you ever heard of the omega female? These particular women carry a strong sense of feminism and let no other stand in their path. Are you one of them?

We should never judge any book by its cover, yet we all do anyways. We are not at all the first impression a person may get from us, in fact, no person may ever truly know you for the real you that you are. Only your own true self can make contact with the higher self, the soul, and your spiritual essence. While everyone is different, we also all share traits and characteristics. You might think that the alpha female is the strongest and most courageous type of woman, but each one of us is skilled in one area and flawed in another. There is no better option, and it’s not like we have a choice anyway. However, you should be comfortable with your true self. Connect with your soul and express your inner purpose.

The alpha woman might be the most obvious of them all. It’s the woman who tends to always rise to the top no matter what odds are against them. She is obvious to all the people around her and always shines in a crowded room. But do not let her absorb all of the credit because we’d be screwed without our omega females.

The omega is one who was raised with the wolves, they have a maternal sense of strength and longevity. They’re primal beings and are extremely connected with the elements of earth and other animals. They omega has duties that are meant to soften the tensions of other people. They are problem solvers and peacemakers which makes them always on the lookout for a friend in need. They are some of the most empathetic people one can meet, and we certainly all benefit from having her in our lives. She is a constant giver, and repeatedly used and taken advantage of – but it doesn’t bother her. She is aware that only weak minded people need to take advantage of others, and she doesn’t let it get her down. She simply moves onto where her services are better appreciated and needed.

The forces of the Omega, Alpha, and the beta are constantly reinforced by displays of dominance and submission. An omega female is a submissive person because, in the wolf hierarchy, the male wolves tend to dominate. She has no desire to fuel some sort of materialistic self-image. She isn’t drawn to cliques or big groups of friends, and she certainly isn’t attracted to popularity.

Don’t overlook the omega female because she is the one we depend on the most. She is our rock, our foundation, and the one who reminds us of what’s truly important. She is a fiery blaze of feminine power and empathy. The one who is truly rich doesn’t look rich at all, and in this case, the omega female is the richest of them all but you’ll never see her boast.