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For those who do not know, there are several different kinds of zodiac signs. There are four elements and between those four elements, there are cardinal, mutable and fixed signs.

While each different kind of sign is important, in this article we are going to go over fixed signs. There are four fixed signs of the zodiac and those signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. All four of these signs have things in common with one another that other signs are lacking.

Thought Co wrote as follows in regards to fixed signs on their website:

Since fixed signs come along as the season is underway, they represent going deeper and pursuing the full realization of what’s already begun. They can initiate, but their true gifts emerge when they’re able to sink deeply into an ongoing project.

The fixed signs have a remarkable ability to persevere, and often they’re models of solo productivity. They enjoy those peak moments of achievement but seem most at home with themselves when immersed in a sustained, worthwhile, challenging pursuit.

These signs are secure and unchanging. They are very stable and much more dependable than the rest of the signs that belong to the zodiac. Fixed signs always directly follow cardinal signs and tend to be the most controversial yet interesting of them all. If you belong to one of these fixed signs as noted above then you most likely know how truly independent and headstrong you are.

Those born under these fixed signs are very unique and come off in a way that is different than all of the others. Below I am going to go over each of these fixed signs and cover some of the things that make them all very similar yet special in their own ways. Which of these four have you encountered the most? As someone with a Taurian mother, I know all too well how reliable and trustworthy they can be.


The Taurus is practical and devoted. Those born under this sign are responsible and always very set in their ways. While sometimes their insecure side can get the best of them, overall they are quite patient. This sign is one that you never have to second guess.


The Leo is generous and warm-hearted. Those born under this sign are usually quite creative but very stubborn. They have to have things their way, otherwise they become quite irritated. While sometimes pretty self-centered, this sign is one that tends to be very passionate about the people around him/her.


The Scorpio is strong and brave. Those born under this sign are very unmoving and usually not willing to budge on their views, but are also quite resourceful. They are always there for the people who matter the most to them, and usually very quick to show their support.


The Aquarius is one of the most progressive signs of them all. Those born under this sign are independent and very mysterious. They tend to be quite unwilling to change and very closed off from their emotions, but that does not stop them from working to help the people of this planet. They can be a bit challenging, but are very wonderful people to have around.

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