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In modern times, American citizens consider Walmart a one-stop shop, where we can purchase groceries, clothing, cell-phones, and even gas, but their newest addition may make you scratch your head in disbelief.

The space within this Walmart is being rented by Beacon Health Options who announced the opening of this location just earlier this week. Because the location itself is so populated and convenient the company thought it would be the perfect spot for their new clinic.

People can walk in, call, or make appointments online to get themselves checked out at this clinic. Russell C. Petrella President of BHO said that this initiative was important in making sure they were able to make quality care more accessible to the people. They are even open during evening hours as an attempt to make them more flexible to the schedules of their patients. Considering how prevalent mental health issues are in this day and age, this kind of thing could be

LEX 18 a local new station to the area reported as follows in regards to this clinic:

Organizers said the on-site clinician will perform an assessment, determine what services a person might need and put together a treatment plan. If a patient can’t get to the clinic, Beacon offers Skype sessions. The company’s in-store providers don’t write prescriptions so if medication is needed, they can refer a patient to a psychiatrist.

The clinic inside the Walmart is not for people with serious mental health problems, but rather those who are still functioning well and need some help for common issues, Petrella said. Talk therapy can be offered on site.

The first assessment costs $140, then $110 per individual session. Beacon offers a sliding fee scale for people who don’t have health insurance or can’t afford the fees.

The company said it has seen interest from more than 500 people since the practice opened.

This brings mental health services to people in communities that may otherwise not have access to such health care. In addition to this location, BHO also said in their release that they are planning to expand things further.

One of the only downsides to something like this is that there could possibly be people who shy away from getting help due to it being in such a public place. I guess only time will tell where this leads us but it is an opportunity for something interesting. Would you be interested in going to therapy at Walmart or is the concept a bit much for you?

Image via Forbes