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As we move through 2021 things seem to be zooming by. We’re already nearing the end of March and with that facing the first full moon of Spring.

This full moon will be taking place on the 27/28th and for those who do not know it is referred to as the worm moon because it happens during the time of year when spring weather comes forth and worms are more present. This moon will be in the sign Libra, and it will be very powerful for a lot of reasons.

For one, it will be the fourth closest moon to us this year which intensifies the energies at play. That meaning the things I’m about to go over will be heavily amplified, and you should be aware of that. While it might not sound like much, this moon packs a powerful punch. wrote as follows about some of the energies we need to be aware of as this moon comes forth:

Every Full Moon is a culmination of a monthly cycle, and the social Libra Full Moon is no exception as it challenges you to manage your desire for companionship with your need for independence. Our connection to others and relationships are always at the forefront during a Full Moon so this isn’t a surprise, but it is even more noticeable during the Full Moon in Libra. Because you’ll have a heightened awareness of your emotions, you’ll have incredible clarity about any inequity in your partnerships.

As you can see, there is a lot going on during this full moon and its energies aren’t just going to disappear once the moon phase changes, they will be here to stay for a few weeks. As the days continue to pass these energies will be building up. Chances are they’ll be hitting you before you know it.

All of this having been said, don’t be afraid of this moon. It is one that will help us grow and learn more about who we are as a whole. Tune into the things it is bringing forth and see where these energies take you.

To learn more about this moon take a look at the video below. Are you looking forward to the coming energies? I, for one, am nervous but excited.