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Chances are you probably heard about the dog in Hong Kong that tested positive for the novel coronavirus. That dog while recovered and released from quarantine actually passed away just days ago.

While the positive result on this dog’s coronavirus test was already weak at best and it showed no symptoms the dog still went through quarantine. According to The South China Morning Post, it was identified as a 17-year-old Pomeranian. While many are saying this death had nothing to do with the coronavirus itself, it is still causing many to freak out as pet lovers across the globe are worried about their furry friends amidst the chaos.

This dog was owned by someone who was also recovering from the virus itself and the owner actually would not allow officials to do an autopsy in order to find out for sure that this dogs death have absolutely nothing to do with the virus and to gain a proper understanding of the sudden passing. That being said, he/she was quite old even for a Pomeranian at 17 years. At best this should do no more than remind us that our pets need to be kept clean on some level too. More baths might not be the worst idea.

This specific dog was and I believe still is the only case of human-to-animal transmission and at the moment we’re being told not to be too concerned about things of that nature. While people sick with the virus should limit their contact with animals until we know more, don’t go abandoning your dog just because you think you’re coming down with a fever (or even if you get a proper coronavirus diagnosis). While it is heartbreaking to hear of this dog’s death especially since its passing came just after finally being reunited with its owner, it is important in its own ways to be aware of.

According to Forbes, the death could be the result of stress and anxiety from being in quarantine away from his/her owner, to begin with, and was noted as having underlying health issues as is. This dog lived a very full life and got to spend the last days of it with the person who loved it the most if nothing else. Rest in peace little friend.