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We all have a purpose, while sometimes we struggle to find that purpose if we look hard enough it will make itself known. Have you been wondering what you were sent to this planet to do?

To figure out what your purpose might be, take a look at your sign below. Our zodiac signs tell us more than you might think. The stars don’t lie.


You were put on this planet to lead. You were meant to work hard and guide those around you. Because you are a fire sign you are quite driven and more than capable of doing these things. You are always building up to something else. You will do great things in this life if you keep chasing your goals.


You are someone who needs to feel secure in life. You were sent here to bring peace to those who struggle to find stability. You seem to be able to help almost everyone you meet in some way.


You were sent here to help those around you gain a sense of comfort. People can and do come to you for advice more often than not. You are easy to talk to and one of the most understanding individuals around.


You were sent here to support and care for those in your life. The people around you rely on you for their emotional support. Without you, they would shatter. You are the best at building up those who matter in your life and even strangers. A kind word and a helping hand is never far from where you are.


You were meant to be here for some very interesting reasons. Your purpose is to lead but also to follow. You as a Leo struggle with following others. This is a problem and causes lots of issues in your life. You cannot be a true leader without being able to follow when the time comes. People look up to you, you need to be able to do things properly when shit hits the fan.


You are here to work hard and fix things. This world is full of broken pieces. Without you, nothing would ever get done. Everything would go to complete crap. You are one of the most reliable signs.


Libra’s are able to keep their composure in some of the most intense situations. You were put on this planet to calm the storm. When something bad happens it is up to you to comfort those around and bring everything to where it needs to be.


Your purpose is to help others realize that they are lacking something. You are someone who knows his or herself well and other people struggle with this. You help others find themselves with ease. We need more people like you in this world.


You were put on this planet to make connections with people who lack connection. This is part of why you are such a free spirit. You move from one place to the next finding people who need you even if for a moment. You leave lasting effects on everyone you come in contact with. You teach lessons that need to be learned.


Your purpose is to show this world that we need to make changes. You help others to notice all of the bad things going on and bring awareness to issues that need to be dealt with. You are a force to be reckoned with.


You are far too compassionate for your own good. Your purpose is to remind everyone that we are not perfect. You make mistakes and so does everyone else. You may struggle with getting things done but who doesn’t? As an Aquarius, you only want what is best for those you care about. As long as you are trying you are succeeding.


Your purpose is to provide the people around you with a friend. You are someone who is often turned to in times of need. You provide people with an outlet they would not have otherwise. You are highly creative and always making those who enjoy your presence laugh, laughter is wonderful medicine.