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This puzzle comes in the form of an eye test of sorts and is basically an ocean of nothing but ‘Os.’ That being said, somewhere in that ocean of ‘Os’ there is a ‘C’ and that ‘C’ is not as obvious as you’d expect it to be. Some of the websites sharing this puzzle claim that while it is so small it still takes many up to two whole minutes to figure things out.

Considering how much those on the internet love to solve puzzles and problems there are always at least a few special ones circling around. It was only a matter of time before this one surfaced again so of course, here we are. For whatever reason, it seems the most simple puzzles give the masses the most issue.

Take a look below to see if you can solve it yourself. Clear your mind before scrolling over it and be sure to keep an eye out for the ‘C.’ How quickly can you find it?

credit: 4maths

We’re you able to find the ‘C?’ Not as complicated as you thought it would be, was it? Things like this make us all wonder why the internet as a whole has such a hard time with things like this. 

For more interesting puzzles similar to this one scroll down and check out the videos below. How many of these were you able to work through? Can you get them all done? I for one love puzzles but on occasion, I end up quite stumped.