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In this world currently, it seems like we settle in love far more often than we should. When you try to force someone to understand you who is unable to tune into your soul, things will never work.

We all need to find partners who are capable of speaking to our souls. While it might sound a bit cliché, if you cannot resonate with one another on such a level things will always be fleeting at best. Being single isn’t the end of the world and it’s better to be single and living life than dating someone who doesn’t even begin to understand who you are as a person.

We all deserve true proper connections and while we have to go through lots of relationships and work to find ourselves before we get where we need to be in regards, we need to also be aware of who not to waste our time and efforts on. You should not be trying to force the pieces of the puzzle to fit, they should fall into place naturally. Just because you have feelings for someone doesn’t mean things will work out in the ways you want them to, don’t forget that.

Loneliness won’t last forever and surrounding yourself with positive non-romantic connections will help with that in some tremendous ways. You should not waste your time trying to make yourself fit into the life of someone who doesn’t even want you by their side. If they’re trying to change you, then they don’t deserve you. We all want and deserve to be accepted as we are by the people we hold closest and if someone in your life isn’t willing to accept you, stop feeding into the power they hold over you.

Temporary people are abundant in this world, and they will come and go like the weather changes. We are placed here on this Earth to grow and you cannot grow if you’re stuck in a rut. I hope with all my heart that you find someone who is able to understand you for who you are and that that person allows you to really show him/her your truest self. While not everyone will be fortunate enough to have this happen, the more open to it the easier it will be to manifest into your life.

You don’t have to run around searching for love all the time to be happy. The people meant to be in our lives will come into our lives whether we’re looking for them or not. If someone is causing you pain, they aren’t speaking your language and if they time after time prove to you that they’re not with you for the right reasons, you should be more than aware that their time in your life is nearing its end. Only put your all in those who are making an effort to obtain it.

When you find someone worth your time and effort, you will know. Be more open to finding someone who helps you grow and stop looking for someone to complete you. You are doing just fine all on your own.