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When it comes to getting into a serious relationship there is a lot more to it than people think. You shouldn’t be pushing someone to rely on you when you are unable to rely on yourself. Making sure you’re stable in all possible ways before diving into something is always the best option.

While not many people want to talk about it or consider their finances before jumping into a relationship, they should. If you’re not financially stable on your own, why bring another person into the mix? You need to be able to keep yourself up and going before trying to bring someone else around who may have to lean on you here and there. 

If you dive into a relationship while you’re not financially secure things will be much more stressful and hard on you when rough patches come about. Making sure you’re financially secure before getting married or taking things to the next level like moving in with someone will be a game-changer, that I can assure you of.

If you’re not convinced and you still think love alone is enough to make things thrive properly, I urge you to consider the following and how these things can really make your relationship or marriage overall a million times more functional. When you’re both where you need to be the future you share will be much more worth it.

6 Reasons Why You Should Become Financially Stable Before Finding Love:

1. You will not have to feel like a burden.

When you’ve got your finances evened out properly you’re not going to feel like you’re relying too heavily on your partner. Things will be much easier overall and you won’t be as much of a burden in your own mind. Instead of feeling like you’re not offering enough you will be content.

2. As a financially stable person, you won’t be as stressed over money as others.

The more stable you are financially the less stressed you will be. This because money or lack of money can cause us to face tons of different issues in life. When you’re having a hard time paying the bills, tension gets high. I am sure you’re already aware of this.

3. You can shower your partner with the things you know he/she deserves.

When you actually have a good amount of money and are secure you can buy your partner things you otherwise would not be able to. While this might sound a bit materialistic, we usually like being able to get our lovers the things that we know they truly want or need. It makes us feel much more important, and we love seeing them happy.

4. You don’t feel as scared merging finances.

If you’re stable with your money and so is your partner merging together won’t be as scary. You don’t have to worry about being a burden or your partner needing more than you can offer. Things are as they should be.

5. When you’re financially stable you can focus more on your partner.

The more stable you are financially the more focus you can put on the important things. You don’t have to obsess over getting all the overtime possible or waste away at work 24/7. You can spend time with your partner and make sure he or she has all that he or she needs.

6. If something bad happens, you will be prepared for it.

When you’re financially stable you will not have to worry about whether you’ll be able to keep moving forth if one of you loses your job. You have money put up and are comfortable. Because you’ve planned ahead, you’re prepared for a disaster if it does happen.