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When we move on from people who did not appreciate us properly or who were hurting us, things aren’t going to simply be okay overnight. We are all still going to have to get through the fallout that comes after.

In the morning after you’ve finally left that toxic relationship, you’re going to hurt and that hurt you feel is normal. You’re going to blame yourself for the things you went through and you’re going to feel guilty for having left the person who caused you so much stress, the person who proved day after day that they didn’t really care if you stayed or not. Finding yourself after something like this isn’t going to be easy.

You’re going to question a lot of things and sometimes you might even find yourself wondering why you weren’t enough to make this person change and to help them to be the person you always thought they were capable of being. That having been said, please know that none of this was your fault. You loved them as deeply as you could and you tried harder than anyone else would have. It is your time to find happiness and you deserve the freedom you’re working on finding.

You had plenty of reasons to leave and no reason to stay and you should not be beating yourself up for doing-so. The fact that you’re feeling so much right now just proves how strong you were for leaving in the first place. You had so much holding you back and yet you still broke from the chains that relationship held around your neck.

I cannot say that in a week you’ll feel better or even in a month but in time you will begin to see the light through all of this darkness. You won’t miss that person as much and you will begin to see that you are better off without him or her in your life. You can keep moving forward and that guilt won’t keep you up at night forever.

Someday you will realize that you did everything right and that moving on was the best decision you could have ever made. You’ve been through a lot and you gave that person every chance to make things right. At this point, you need to remain firm in your choice to stay away and from there allow yourself to grow more properly.

This is your life and you need to be living it how you see fit. Someday someone who appreciates you properly will come along and show you what a real relationship is supposed to be like. When that day comes, you’ll be happy you left the person who was doing so much damage to your wellbeing.