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We all know that the month of February is going to be intense but just how intense varies from person to person. While we’re more on edge, we’re also really learning tons of things as a result.

As you may be aware, this month is one that holds a universal month number of 7. This meaning the month before us holds the powers that the number 7 brings forth. The number 7 overall is one that tends to be quite intuitive but also a bit distant. wrote as follows going over some of what to expect from this month as a whole:

If you have a regular spiritual practice, then expect it to take up a larger part of your life this month. This could be the ideal time to attend a retreat or go through a spiritual training to deepen your connection.

And if you’re wondering what this is all about, then this is a great moment for you to dip a toe into the vast waters of spirituality. That self-help book that’s been sitting on your shelf for the past 6 months? Pull it out and dive in!

February’s energy is aligned closely with self-inquiry and personal growth. So push those deadlines back a week or two, to give yourself a little more time to maximize what this numerology has to offer.

Self-inquiry means just that – looking inside yourself for the answers to the big questions, and getting to know yourself on a deeper level. This isn’t something normally encouraged by our modern world, which wants us to consume, consume, consume. But if you can begin to release your need for stimulation and entertainment, then this is a great start. And this numerology makes it easier.

This month is one during which we should do our best to be more disconnected from technology and more tuned into the people around us. Now, when it comes to your faith as a whole be it religious or otherwise, you may note that you’re feeling more conflicted than ever. This might be confusing and hard to swallow but might be for the better in the long-run.

Spend your time right now working on self-care and see where things go. You’re in for a lot but you can handle it. Things will get better, the universe won’t bring you to anything that will tear you apart.

Right now we have more on our minds than we can really bring into perspective and while that might sound far more intense than it should be it’s all happening for a reason. You’re going to be growing stronger through the things before you and since the power of 7 is present perhaps you should be listening to your intuitive side this month more than you typically would. It might get you further than you’d expect.