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While some signs are going to be doing well throughout February, others are going to be having quite the rough time. The more you know about what could be to come, the better prepared for it you will be.

Out of the 12 zodiac signs, 5 will be struggling a good bit as the month of love rolls around. Some of them will be at major turning points in their lives and others will be forcing themselves to be held back in ways they might not realize. As the days begin to pass and February ensues, the negativity surrounding them will become quite prominent. Below I am going to go over those 5 signs and what they should be aware of for the month of February. If your sign made this list, you need to keep your eyes peeled.


Your February is going to be full of confusion as someone you’ve held close to your heart is going to reveal something to you that hurts your heart. You are going to be on edge emotionally and unsure of where to go from where you are. Taking charge of your life and figuring out where you want to go next is not going to be easy but it will be important. Stop letting others hold you back, really find a sense of self and hold your own.


Your February is going to be full of major setbacks. You might lose your job or get a demotion of some kind. Everything is going to feel as though it is falling apart but the truth is this is just the beginning. When one door closes another opens and that is something you need to keep in mind. Just because you’re going through hard times right now doesn’t mean you’re going to be going through hard times forever. When you’re at rock bottom there is nowhere to go but up.


Your February is going to be the worst month you’ve had in a very long time. You’re about to come to terms with the fact that you do not have your shit together in the ways you might have thought you did. The more time you spend stuck in the motions you’re going through the more uncomfortable you’re going to get. If you don’t make some serious changes, you’re not going to be happy and happiness is important.


Your February is going to be one that makes you quite uncomfortable and chances are, you’re going to be feeling like no one has your best interests in mind when it comes to the things they are doing. You’re going to have to make a seriously huge decision and this decision will change everything. In the end, letting go of those who are holding you back might do you a lot better than you are currently aware of.


Your February might be throwing you off kilter but not in too serious of a way. Your emotional state is going to be fluctuating bringing up some things from your past that you might not know how to address. This month is going to be something that brings out the worst in you but it will all be for a good reason. Once everything is over with, the baggage you’ve been carrying will finally be gone.

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