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I know, the idea of cleansing your soul might sound odd, but it is something that can help you in big ways moving forth through life. This month has been all over the place but the energies to come are more than welcoming. 

This full moon for those who do not know will be in the sign Virgo and take place on the 27th of February (this month 2021). It is going to be something that helps us push through change and really bring our best efforts into all that we do. Sure, it will be hard in some ways but overall, it will be refreshing and provide us with the chance to renew ourselves internally and externally. 

Astrology King wrote as follows on the energies this full moon has to offer:

Full Moon quincunx Saturn (0°40′) creates an imbalance between your personal and professional life, or between your emotional needs and those of others. At times, you may be forced to carry out your duties without having emotional security. At other times you might feel emotionally secure but neglect your duties.

This makes it difficult to maintain harmony in intimate relationships because of emotional coldness, feeling of guilt and fear, or having to attend to other responsibilities. An adjustment is needed in your level of responsibility. The best way to handle this rebalancing is with self-control, patience, dedication, trust, loyalty, and forgiveness.

Full Moon trine Uranus (1°25′) gives the self-awareness, freedom, creativity, and intuition to make positive changes. It helps you remain flexible and open-minded so you can take advantage of exciting new opportunities. This harmonious influence makes change flow more smoothly with less upset and chaos.

You may feel a twitch or feeling of anticipation that something is about to happen. Chance encounters are possible and you may be attracted to unusual types of people or those from different ethnic or cultural backgrounds. This is also a good time to break bad habits and to leave boring or unhealthy relationships.

While the vibes you’re feeling right now might not be anything you can pin down specifically. During this full moon you should work to let go of the things you’ve been putting too much thought into and addressing issues that are holding you back. Only through that will you ever end up where you truly want to be.