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Astrologically speaking, February is going to be a very exciting month. Not only will we see all current retrogrades coming to an end, but we are also going to see many positive shifts.

January was tricky, to say the least, with both Mercury and Venus in retrograde. However, Venus is now thankfully direct and on February 3, Mercury will be too. This short and rare reprieve from the intensity of the retrogrades should be welcomed with open arms.

Another exciting shift is the alignment of Venus and Mars, which provides a unique balance between the two powerhouses. Venus, which is geared towards love, emotions, empathy, and compassion, will find a unique balance with the planet of action and intensity.

When a balance like this takes place, it allows the balance to be restored between yin and yang energy.

On the first of the month, we will encounter the new moon in Aquarius, which will allow us to start a new beginning and open our minds to new thoughts and ideas. If you’ve been stuck in a rational thought pattern, unable to see outside of the box, this will be exactly the energy you need to apply new and revolutionary thinking to old problems.

Between February fourth and February 8, Mars will be in Capricorn, providing a powerhouse of action. And while in Capricorn, it will form a sextile with Jupiter in Pisces and a trine with Uranus in Taurus.

If you’ve been working diligently on yourself and seeing few rewards, this will be your time to shine. Mars will be activating Jupiter, which will create a powerful shift in perspective and motivation.

Additionally, Uranus is going to help us push outside of our comfort zones and allow us to see new solutions and available pathways towards our goal.

One important thing to keep in mind in the first few weeks (after February 3) is that while the retrograde is over, we are going to move into a shadow phase. Oftentimes, this can cause difficult thoughts, and old phases we never received closure on to re-emerge. When this happens, use these moments to realize how far you’ve come and never, ever back step.

One great thing about the shadow is that everything you have reflected on during the actual retrograde can now be put into action. With the retrograde being over, communication should ease back up, and the chaos should ease up as well.

On February 16, we will experience a new moon in Leo, which is going to have all of us in a very intense and even creative mindset. This lunation is all about allowing our true selves to shine through, even amid our darkest moments. And if you’ve been having a hard time connecting to your true self, this will be the time to do so.

February 18 will usher in Pisces season, pushing us to all focus on our dreams, intuition, and emotions. To end the month just right, Venus and Mars will form another sextile with Neptune, allowing us to put those dreams into action. So, if you have goals, ambitions, and dreams stirring around in your mind, February will be a great month to accomplish the unthinkable!

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