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Whether you’ve been dating for just a few months or several years, knowing when to fart and being comfortable enough to do it is a huge feat. This shows us so much more than most realize and could be a great thing for your relationship.

Sure, it can be embarrassing sometimes but farting in front of the person you love should come naturally within reason. You should be free enough in the relationship to let one rip here and there without it becoming a huge issue. Throughout the years’ lots of experts in the world of dating have touched on this subject and yet for some reason so many people are still holding their gas back for dear life.

If you’re one of the people who is still on the fence about all of this, you really need to consider opening up. There has been lots of research throughout the years showing how beneficial being close to your partner on this level truly is. For instance, one of the most noted is a survey from back in 2016. This survey was carried out by Mic and goes over how actually critical it is when it comes from transitioning from ‘like’ to ‘love.’

‘Fart denial’ is only holding us back from a proper connection. Face it, at some point you’re going to let one of those stinkers loose whether you intend to or not. For this survey, Mic went over roughly 125 people who happened to be in their 30s and 20s. These people broke the ice and really dove into the details about when they thought it was okay to far in front of one another and so forth. It was noted that most people wait between 2-6 months before passing gas in front of their partners.

They also found that being able to fart in front of one another was a clear sign of true intimacy. No, you shouldn’t be letting five rip in a row and forcing your partner under the blanket so he/she has to smell them but passing a little gas here and there as you both move through life is fine. If you’re working to build something with someone, passing gas with or near one another is a sign that there is a true connection present between the two of you. You should not ignore that fact.

I guess the point of this whole article is that you shouldn’t feel ashamed of yourself, we all pass gas and your partner isn’t going to hate you for it. It is inevitable and when we’re on the same page as our lovers it will only bring us closer to one another, point-blank. When do you think it is alright to break the ‘gas’ barrier in regard?

I think within the first three months is fine but also could see why some people would wait a little longer. For more on this topic please feel free to check out the video below. A fart is not going to be the end of the world, just let it out.