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When you fall in love, don’t just fall for anyone. Make sure the person you’re falling for someone that’s not going to waste your time and hurt your heart.

Falling in love with the wrong person can do a lot more damage than most people realize. Not only can it hurt your heart but it can in many ways tear you apart. When it comes to love do your best to fall for someone who truly makes you feel the way that you make them feel, someone who puts forth the effort to make sure you know you’re cared for.

The person who is worth your time will make sure you know how important you are to him or to her. He or she will go out of their way to make sure you have all you need and that you’re cared for properly. You won’t have to wonder if they’re running around on you and the connection you have will be one worth holding onto.

Fall in love with someone that makes you feel like you’re stronger because they’re by your side. Someone that wants to be there for you through all the things this cold hard world throws your way. The one person who will work hard to inspire you to be all that you could ever imagine and more.

Sure, it might sound like I’m just going on and on about someone that doesn’t exist but the truth is this person does exist for you, you just have to find him or her. The world we live in is a huge one and well, sometimes it takes a while for us to find the person we truly want to settle down with but that person is out there. Fall for the person that makes you feel safe and secure, the only person you’ve ever come across that helps you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

This person will love everything about you and make sure you know how special you are. Instead of bringing you down and tearing you apart within, he or she will build you up and help you chase your dreams. You deserve the world and with this person, that is exactly what you will have.

Things are not always what they seem and just because someone says they care does not mean they do. Don’t settle in life or in love. Make sure the person you end up spending your life with is one worth spending that life with. Someone that will make sure each day is positive and that the life you live is one well worth living. You deserve that much and so much more.