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Finding someone to love isn’t the easiest thing in the world but it’s never impossible. There is someone out there for everyone and you will learn that someday.

While right now you’re letting people take advantage of your heart, you shouldn’t be. You should be only giving your time and effort to those who make you feel comfortable and cared for. People who play with our emotions are only going to hurt us, in the end, and do not care about us at all.

I know, we cannot just choose who we fall for, but we should try to look for the signs that we’re falling for the wrong person, right? If the person you’re falling for is doing a good job of blinding you, you really need to make sure you’re actively working to pull the wool off your eyes. In this world, there are far too many people who will pretend to be your prince charming only to be nothing near.

You should work to only truly fall for someone who cares about you. Someone who holds your heart well and refuses to hurt it. Don’t let some jerk tear you apart who won’t even be in your life a year from now.

Strive to find someone to be with who makes you feel special. Someone that is there through all the ups and downs this world throws your way. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you deserve to be treated badly or like there is something wrong with you when all you’re doing is being yourself.

Life and love can be hard and complicated but you can find someone worth being with who will prove to you how much love you deserve. The right person for you will appreciate you for all you do and inspire you to be the best person you could ever possibly be. He or she will sweep you off your feet daily and remind you always of how truly needed you are.

I know, finding the one isn’t easy but you will know when you’ve found him or her. Things will fall into place and while they might not always be easy they will always feel right. The person you’re meant to be with will make you never want to be with anyone else.

The person who cares the most for you will make sure you know that you’re cared for. He or she will not waste your time or burden your heart with more than it can handle. You will be able to count on them and the longer you are together the more you will grow together. Stop wasting your time with people who don’t care and only let those close who prove themselves.