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In life, we come across a lot of different kinds of people and some of those people really suck. Building fake friendships is a part of life and while you might not know that friendship is fake in the beginning as time passes you’ll realize it.

It’s a lot easier to make a ton of fake friends than it is to find a true one and honestly, in this day and age that’s a big problem. Fake friends are hard to be around after they’ve revealed themselves because you are finally able to see how toxic they are. You understand that you’re being used and that once beautiful soul you knew is tainted and darkened. 

In life, we must value the non-toxic connections we manage to make. Those are the connections that matter the most. Sometimes we meet people who call themselves friends all the while wishing to bring us down as soon as they can, those people are not actually our friends and they do not deserve our time or our effort. 

Below I am going to go over some of the different kinds of fake friends that we as humans can find ourselves surrounded by. Some of these are very good at hiding themselves but if you look close enough, you’ll find the seams. Things are not always what they appear to be.

7 Kinds Of Fake Friends You Don’t Need In Your Life:

1. The Negative Nancy

This kind of friend is always looking for something bad even when there isn’t anything bad before her. She turns the smallest things into big issues for what seems like the fun of it and she’s quite frustrating. Sure, she can be fun but when she’s down and out you can really feel it.

2. The Complainer

This kind of friend is one that never stops whining. He or she complains all the time, day in and day out. Sure, that in itself might not sound too interesting but it’s crucial for many of us. You never get anything done while complaining.

3. The Disbeliever

This kind of friend would be the kind that does not believe in you. Fake friends won’t see you in this light and that you can be sure of. When someone refuses to believe in us, cutting ties is out best option.

4. The Rebellious

This kind of person can be a lot of fun but perhaps even too much fun sometimes. These people are always breaking the rules and doing what she wants. When you’re with this person you must limit your drinking drastically, alright?

5. The Competitive Carl

This kind of person is always trying to outdo someone else. Nothing is ever good enough and even when you feel like you’ve won, you’ve lost. You shouldn’t let these people get too into your head, they’re terribly stressful.

6. The Indecisive Irene

This kind of storm could not have made its movements faster for my sake but that’s fine. Indecisive people are usually not able to choose freely. They ask for another opinion and from there things are history.

7. The Sabotager

This kind of person is quite interesting as they always want to outdo you and run away when they can’t. They never take the time to just sit and chat with one another. I for one think we should if nothing else be having dinner together, please?