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The internet and app store is loaded with various photo editors, games and more, however, the one that has caught the attention of social media lately is ‘FaceApp.’ FaceApp allows you to edit your photo, making you look decades older, in order to catch a glimpse of how you will look as you age.

But, there are concerns with the app, specifically, privacy concerns.

Rising to popularity quite quickly, images of people, including celebrities have flooding the internet, showing us the older versions of those who used the app. And while Snap Chat uses filters, this app actually used artificial intelligence to age the person in the picture.

However, aging isn’t all the app does, as it can also show you how you would look with different features, hairdos and more.

And while that may sound innocent enough, when peeking at the user agreement policy for the app, you can view where it explicitly tells you that it is able to use your photos, name, and likeness in any country, at the discretion of the app’s creators. They also log each time that you use your browser, and make a request to access a webpage.

If you were wondering if FaceApp is safe, the answer is no, however, there is one caveat: the rest of the apps on your phone probably aren’t either, regarding privacy. Each time you download an app, if you are concerned about your photos and data being created, check out their privacy policies. You may be surprised at what is being gathered and collected from your phone.

Image via NBC News