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While it might not feel like this the full moon on August 3rd is an intense one. Whether you’re reading this as the full moon is about to happen or after it has passed, chances are you’re still feeling some of the effects it holds.

This full moon is one that will be present energetically for a few weeks so even after the event itself, things won’t just die down. Now, for those who do not know this full moon is going to be in the sign Aquarius which really makes things all the more interesting. If you’ve been in need of change, that change is going to come while these energies are forth.

Below I am going to go over how this full moon may end up affecting your sign and what you should keep in mind on that topic. While this full moon is going to be a special one it’s not one you should be too concerned about. This moon is going to hold energies we’ve been needing.


This moon is going to push you to really slow down and stop to smell the roses. You’re always working so hard and trying to do so much. While it might be a bit frustrating at first, you are going to finally be taking some time to relax.


The full moon might feel heavy for you but I promise it’s not going to be too terrible overall. You’re going to be getting a lot more recognition for the things you do during this time and well, all of your hard work will finally be paying off. You’ve been through a lot so far this year and well, it’s time for a cool-down period.


As a Gemini, you’re not likely expecting much from all of this but perhaps you should be. Allow your adaptable side to come forth and really face the things happening in your life head-on. You’ve got this and while you’re struggling now, you’re headed right where you need to be.


This full moon for Cancer isn’t going to be an easy one to face. It is going to hold both positive and negative lessons. While you’re going to want to pull your hair out at first, the more patient you are right now the better.


This moon is going to bring you to a place where you’re going to have to make some very serious and hard decisions. While usually, you know exactly what to do, this time you seem at a loss for words. The decision is yours, think things through before moving forward.


Things are changing and you’re stressed about it but you should not be allowing your own mind to get you down. You’ve come so far and you are capable of so much. While it might seem crazy right now, you need to put your best foot forward and get out there. The sooner you take that leap, the more changes you will be able to make within your life.


Libra people overall are going through a lot right now and well, this moon is going to be a break of sorts for them. It is going to allow those born under this sign to take more risks but not fall as hard as they would otherwise. Right now is your chance to try something new, go for it.


You’re going to be focusing more and more on your home life as these energies are present. While that is a good thing do keep in mind that other people need you as well. You are searching for balance and if you don’t find it soon everything will crumble at your feet.


This full moon is going to bring out a lot of negative feelings for you. You’re facing some big changes and while those changes are hard to wrap your head around you’re at a place where moving back isn’t an option. Keep your head up and follow through.


This moon for you is going to hold a lot of pressure. You’re going to feel like everyone is looking at you and almost as if you’re disappointing the people who matter the most. Stop being so hard on yourself, you’re doing fine.


As an Aquarius, you’re probably dealing with a lot in your relationship right now, well don’t worry. As this energy unfolds you’re going to be working through some of the issues and communicating more properly. Things are looking up.


Your emotions and perhaps even intuitive side are going to be coming out to play as these energies remain. This is a great thing but also could be a bit confusing for some. While some of the events before you will be odd, they will help you grow tremendously.