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Leo season will offer us a major transition, and while it could be difficult, if you fight it, if you choose to embrace it instead, you will benefit immensely. While the recent beginning of the Mercury retrograde has many of us feeling exhausted, this will be exactly what we need to let our inner Lion loose to rawr its loudest rawr.

During this time, you will be feeling like your strongest self, and in turn, if you have been holding anything back, prepare for it to be let out. Even if you try to hold your feelings in, you won’t be able to- and the best way to proceed is to let your true self show, and to process the emotions and feelings as they come.

With that being said, if Leo is your sun sign, then you are going to be in the spotlight, and if you are one of the tamer lions, now is your time to tap into your true sense of self. After a period of rest, the energies are shifting, and it’s time for us to trust ourselves more than ever.

If you are feeling creative, this is likely due to Leo’s energy, as Leo is a sign of self-expression, creativity, and fiery passion. They often find the best in everyone and are quite adventurous. They find it difficult to start a project without starting it, as their energy is boundless. Conversely, they can also be stubborn, difficult, and bent on getting exactly what they want.

Spend time during Leo season growing self-awareness. If you are so stubborn that you are unable to compromise, try aiming yourself at your highest passions without being too stuck in your ways. If you have a hard time motivating yourself, work on that. Now is the time to focus on how we spend our energy. How are you going to evolve during this Leo season?