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Capricorn season is almost here and with that, there is another energetic shift well on its way. Sure, things might be a bit confusing right now but Capricorn season is going to put you back in control

Capricorn season begins on December 21st and it is going to bring in energies that are deeply grounded in the world around us. We will be having a lot of fun during this time but also getting a lot done. While the Sun is in Capricorn we will all be feeling a lot more devoted and in some ways more lonely than ever for a wide range of reasons.

The Sun moving into Capricorn also marks the Winter Solstice which brings forth more energies all on its own. The year to come is going to bring us somewhere many of us are going to be quite uncertain. As Capricorn makes its appearance we will begin to see things as they truly are and align more-so with the powers at play.

We can and will all benefit in our own ways from this overwhelmingly pushy energy. Chances are you will feel compelled to really be more responsible and disciplined. You will be able to focus on a deeper level and things that did not quite make sense before will suddenly come together. You will be able to move forward on a positive note.

Focus on your goals and work towards making the steps you can make right now towards building your future. Capricorn season is all about growth and self-reflection. The more you are able to get done now the further you will be able to get in the future. Capricorns in general are always striving for a bigger picture no matter how far off the concept is.

Capricorn season is very special and will bring us all to a place on our life paths that we need to be. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn and for those who do not know Saturn is a planet that brings forth structure and control. With all of these energies working together appropriately we will be learning to forgive and look the other way when we need to, even if it is hard for us to do.

That being said, not everything Capricorn season has to offer will be so positive. During this time it will also be more complicated to get things done. You will be more-so irritated and less accepting of others. You will have to battle the traits that conflict with your own and see where things end up bringing you once all is said and done.

While the Capricorn is a very misunderstood sign it is a sign that brings a lot of healing to those who allow it to influence them. Whether you want to move forward with these energies or lock them away from you they will manage to seep in somehow. Far too often we forget what is really important to us and Capricorn season will be a reminder. Don’t lose your way, allow your way to change and manage things on your own.

Sure, Capricorn season might have you questioning yourself and others but not in a way that is going to hold you back. Things are not always as complicated as we think they are. To learn more about Capricorn season check out the video below. Sure, this might be a familiar feeling but it is still new in many ways.