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Once you begin the process of awakening to the fact that everything isn’t what it seems, it becomes easier to spot the fact that we are surrounded by lies. From our sources of information to the food we eat and reaching as far as our education, almost everything we know if shrouded in lies.

The Media


In order for us to continue to believe in our government, and the facade it has built to keep us supporting it, the government must have full control over the media. While we are told that journalism is based on “truth and accuracy,” it is easy to see exactly how uninformed we are by simply turning on the news.

The majority of the information we hear has nothing to do with anything that is currently taking place in the world, and if it does it is a completely skewed version to support some narrative that our government needs us to believe. Thankfully, there are various fact checking websites that can be used, such as FactCheck and Media Bias/Fact Check.

Food, Health, and the Environment


Through our food, medicine, and environment, we are constantly being poisoned. Sadly, the media is controlled by the government and the corporations responsible for these toxins, so it’s a rare occasion in which you can depend on them to tell you the truth regarding these various poisons.

Our food is laden with GMOs, chemicals, preservatives and nitrates which kill us slowly over time. No matter how safe we feel our sources of food are, as long as they come from the corporate world there are few rare occasions when you can believe that what you are eating is safe. GMOs are not only detrimental to your health, but they are also deadly to our environment.

Then we have our medicines, which in the majority of cases, only treat the symptoms of disease. As they ward off some devastating symptoms, they, in turn, wreak havoc on our health and end up causing us to depend on other medications for the side effects they cause.



Education is one of the most important factors behind the state of society today. Education not only shapes society, it also shapes the prospect of a better future for said society. Unfortunately, rather than true education, we stuff classrooms full of children and push more and more false information down their throats, so they can pass standardized tests. Rather than teaching them for the sake of learning, the entire system is built only to pass the standardized test and move to the next level.

Government and Corporations


In order for the government to continue, money is necessary. Therefore, in order for a person to be eligible to become a governing official they need money. This is where the corporations come in, as the most popular backers for politicians are the wealthy corporations. This includes pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, weapons industries, and more.

In turn for their funding of said candidate, they only ask that the governing official pass legislation that works in their favor, not matter how dangerous their products or existence truly is. Sadly, like a merry-go-round, this is a vicious cycle that never ends.

Of course, the world isn’t going to change overnight. In order for true change to take place, the people must awaken to the fact that they are being lied to. They must take charge of their own lives, and begin educating themselves regarding all facets of life. This includes what you eat, what medicines you take, your stance on government along with the education that you and your children have. The revolution starts with us. Once we realize this fact, we can begin correcting the facade we have been given.