The independent woman might give you a little time to get your sh*t together but overall, if you’re not on her lever within a reasonable amount of time she’s going to move on. You might think she’s cruel or heartless for this but honestly, that’s just your ego talking.

If you were not able to pull yourself together and be what she needed, then why would she stick around? She can handle things all on her own and while she might have wanted you by her side, she can function just fine without you. She isn’t held back by a need for your support, she holds her own and does a damn good job of it at that.

Once she’s done, she is done for good and there is no getting her back after that. Sure this might really bruise your ego and the love you felt for her might turn to hate but, should it? She was only doing what was best for her and in the end, it was your fault that things didn’t work out. She tried and tried but you were not willing to put in the work. She’s not the kind of girl who will put her efforts into someone who refuses to do the same for her.

She might want to be there for you and she might really care for you but those things are not going to get in the way of her own personal growth. She has her priorities straight and well, just because you don’t should not be an excuse for you to try and bring her down as a result. She let you make a lot of mistakes, and she gave you more chances than she should have.

Your ego got in the way of things and now because of that you’re saying things about her you know are not true and you’re running her name through the dirt but for what? That isn’t going to bring her back to you and it’s damn sure not going to make her want to have anything to do with you. If anything at all, it will help to dissolve any kind of feelings she may have still had for you. We all have our limits and you pushed her well past hers.

Don’t you dare sit there and pretend she was the one in the wrong here. You know all too well the truth of the matter and it will come out whether you expect it to or not. Sure, she might not be the one to spread it but in time you will understand that you’ve done wrong and by then, it will be too late.

You in the end really hurt her more than you know. Sure, she seems alright and things don’t look like they’re going badly for her but that’s because she is good at keeping herself together in times like these. It was hard for her to do the things she did and moving on will never be easy for anyone. She might be independent, but she wanted to still stick by your side for as long as she could.

Regret will sink in once your ego dies back down and you will see the truth before you. Things are not as they may seem in your head right now, that’s for sure. While it might take a little time, there are lots of lessons for you to learn here.

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