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The upcoming month will be an intense one, with a Mercury retrograde and a beautiful full harvest moon. While some will fair better than others, each of us will have a day that is luckier than others.

Throughout the month, we will (mostly) be in Virgo season, which is a time of getting our lives back in order and approaching things practically and with an air of perfection. However, the entire month will not be Virgo season, as the Libra season starts on September 21st. Libra energy is all about partnerships, socializing, communicating, and striving for balance. So, the combination of these energies should make for a decently smooth-flowing month, even though we will be retrograding in those signs (backward.)

Beginning September 9, Mercury, the planet that rules over communication, will move backward (retrograde) from Libra, and into Virgo. This is likely to cause some glitches in communication and travel plans to possibly go awry. Even with that being said, all of us will have a ‘lucky day’ at least one day out of the month. Here is each zodiac sign’s lucky day of September.


Luckiest day: September 10th.

Under the full moon in Pisces, you will be feeling more aligned than ever. Even better, is the fact that the spiritual and dreamy energy of that moon will help you to align with the necessary lessons for your journey, so you can move forward from difficult situations.


Luckiest day: September 25

The new moon in Libra will push you to put yourself first and to slow down and take it easy on yourself. Your health and your well-being should be your number one priority during this time. And this new moon will provide you with the right opportunity to put yourself first.


Luckiest day: September 9

With the full moon in Pisces, you will see a nice boost in your areas of career and finance, pushing you towards your financial and career goals. Remember to stay flexible, and pay attention to the signs the Universe is sending you during this time.


Luckiest Day: September 28

The Jupiter retrograde that takes place in Aries will end up aligning with the Uranus retrograde in Taurus, which will give you a nice financial boost this week. Expect a possible raise or a new opportunity to make money and stabilize your finances.


Luckiest day: September 22

Libra season will give you a nice start to the fall and an extra boost in your social life. Expect to run into friends from the past, or to have your social calendar filled throughout the next few months.


Luckiest day: September 29

As Venus moves into Libra, your attention will find its way to your finances. While you may have been stressing over your finances for the past few weeks, the pathway to a more stable place will become known to you, pushing your mind to a more positive and uplifting place.


Luckiest day: September 29

The self-care asteroid, Ceres moves into Virgo today, pushing you to make self-care a priority. Listen to this inner calling and take some time to focus on yourself for a bit.


Luckiest day: September 3

Venus will find its way into Virgo, pushing you to prioritize the right people in your social life. While you may have a ton of friends and people around you, there are only a few that are truly in your corner. Take some time to re-evaluate who is getting the most out of your energy.


Luckiest day: September 5

The Venus in Virgo transit will push you to focus on your career. Are you heading in the direction that aligns with where you want to see yourself? If not, it might be time to re-evaluate. if so, how can you push yourself closer to your goals?


Luckiest day: September 24

The Libra new moon will provide a great opportunity for you in your financial life, allowing you to finally get back on track. Keep a mindset of abundance so you can attract even more good energy to your life.


As Ceres enters into Virgo, you will feel an extra push to re-align with yourself. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one of your lifetime. Take some time to give yourself the love you tend to pour into others.


Luckiest day: September 17

Over the next few months, Gemini will be on Mars, causing a lot of growth for you on your path. A good thing to keep in mind is that it’s best to focus on what is serving you and where you are going. Learning to let go of the toxic things in your life will be the best decision you ever make.